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Cleaning out the lending library and here's a few titles looking for a new home(s):   Kitzinger, Sheila The Experience of Childbirth Sears & Sears The Baby Book Widdowson, Rosalind Yoga for Pregnancy   If you're interested in one or all of these please drop me an email: info [at] thebarefootdragonfly.com and let me know your availability to swing by the office and pick them up. Sorry, I won't be able to ship these, pickup only.   Thanks! Amy
No, we recycled the last few copies last summer before we relocated the office. Sorry! I think they have some of their issues online still.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaylaBeanie I guess I should update! Getting my IUD put in was exceptionally painful, but (as I told my nurse jokingly) much less painful than having kids (I imagine). My cramps were HORRIBLE this first period, so I just stuck with my cloth pads. Jeez, please tell me they get better. I'm absolutely dreading my next period Getting the IUD before a baby has stretched the cervix flat out sucks. My poor cervix was like...
Hi Ladies, I am bringing back the North of Boston Fertility Meetup Group after a hiatus. The plan is to meet once a month and discuss holistic, mind-body approaches to preconception wellness. August will be the first meeting back on the books and we're talking about coping with everyday stress while TTCing as well as the added stressors of infertility diagnosis. If you have a friend that is considering starting a family and would love to share and listen please pass...
I work with women diagnosed with PCOS. PM me if I can be of help, my practice is just North of Boston in Stoneham.
I wouldn't recommend this during ovulation but before or after you can put tea tree essential oil and jojoba on the tampon and leave it in overnight repeating as needed.
I've had a couple of requests from clients looking for a therapist that has a more holistic approach to mental health therapy. Do you have one that you love on the North Shore or just North of Boston? Reply here or shoot me a private message with the name and town of practice. Thanks in advance!
Sorry to come to this so late but I work with turning malpositioned babies at my practice in Stoneham.
I would second Tabitha Sherrell and also suggest looking into Isabel Furie!
FYI - There are a couple of bellydancing classes open to pregnant women in the greater Boston area too.
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