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I nursed my oldest DS while I was pregnant with my youngest. He weaned at 19 months when I was 17 weeks pregnant. I didn't encourage the weaning at all, but I didn't stop it, either. The best book is "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" IMO. Oh, and I'm the only person that I know that's done this except my former LLL leader.
I'm taking Zoloft as well. I refused meds during my worst PPD after DS #1 was born. My midwife finally convinced me to take it the second time around since supplements and exercise just weren't working. It takes 150mg/day (we started low and had to increase it), but I'm back to normal now. I do take mine at night. If you're on the right dose, you will still have days of tiredness or sadness, and days of happiness, but your head shouldn't be so cloudly, or atleast...
I am so sorry for her family's loss. I'm a newbie, so I didn't know her, but my heart goes out to them all just the same.
I did watch the one episode about the baby girl being forced into weaning (the 14m old). I watched and was thinking, "Hey, that toddler is trying to get mom's attention." Why couldn't the Supernanny teach that mama some creative ways to include her into the busy day? I bet if the mom had added some one-on-one time with the daughter (say, while the older chrn were napping), she'd see an amazing difference. Teaching her how to sling her and taking them all on a walk...
I was 27 when my oldest was born
I'm so excited for you!!! I have had 2 sections and would LOVE to hear about your beautiful VBA2Cs!!!! Congrats on being in tune with your body and your baby! s
Has he had any solid food yet? What about antibiotics? I may be reaching, but I'm trying to think of anything that could disturb the gut flora. I've never had that happen to either of my nurslings until they started playing with solids. Hopefully, someone else will have a clearer idea.
I used one with my second DS. Like others, I found it easier to keep him in bed with me, so it only got used for some of his naps. By the time he was 6 months old, I realized it was only taking up space, and so we packed it up.
Wow, I had no idea! Good to know--thanks for doing this, too s
s mamas!
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