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we are now going through our second round with the mediator on the agreement. what I didn't like about the first agreement.... Dh to do 95% of the driving ( we live 2.5 hours one way) bio mom to make 100% of the decison making bio mom to decide on the 'extra' 6 weekends a year bio mom to have be able to plan an extended holiday while the kids are off school bio mom to have EVERY christmas eve/day so we are off to mediation again at $100 an hour to try to get bm off...
ahh how cute! I bet she just melted you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.Bufford Waking up in the morning with my little Calliope was the best thing... and at five months its still my favorite part of the day! I agree, I am not typically a morning person but when I open my eyes to my beautiful smiling baby I can't resist being happy! I love co sleeping! A few weeks ago we were considering trying a crib since she wasn't sleeping so well, I was heart broken over putting her in a crib....
agk, I don't like that nestle bought out gerber...I had a beautiful gerber spoon for my older dd's that i can't find grrr... Question excuse my ignorance, why do you want no plastic?
Any one read his book, Listening to Your Baby? I just borrowed it from our LLL group. I liked the book just wanted other opinions.
I have an almost 6 month old who has NEVER seen a doc! She was unassisted and very healthy! She is 6 months and over 24 pounds with NO health concerns of any kind! I myself haven't seen a doc in years! I have a homeopath friend that I bounce thing off of but other than that we are very heathy. If we need a doc then I will go find one but other than that I don't think a ped is nessasary. Just my opinion!
My 2 cents, we hate the bumbo! I have a chubby baby not 6 months and we are well over 24 pounds. So to use the bumbo we have to STUFF her legs in! We do use it for photo poses though! oh and our cats love sitting in it too!
We loved them for the other kids, haven't found them yet for this dd. Tip: I used to freeze them less messy that way, but I agree strip them down and bath time after.
Infant massage and Ecing worked really well for us to bond. Cosleeping and babywearing too! You said your baby doesn't like to be worn. What kind of baby carrier are you using, maybe it's the carrier that he doesn;'t like. Can you try other carriers or borrow some to see if one works for you and babe?
THis is actually one of my biggest pet peeves... I have a chubby baby... 3 months 17 1/2 pounds! So we have big issues with clothes fitting with cloth diapers! I size up big time and deal with legs that are too long! sleepers I wear are really big but fit on the bum!
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