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I just have made around 2 or 3 posts this weeks, sick kids and sick DH. I didn't get that message though.
What a cutie!!! My DD has very culry hair also, but hers is like this: 11 months But know she has it like this, I pull her hair up, but mind you, she's a girl lol now And yes don't cut his hair, my boys had the same hair as your son, xactly the same(but blonde) and we cut it, and that was the end of the curls
I was 3
DD is the same she's Daddy's Girl all the way since Day 1(she's 15 mths old), she does plays with me sometimes, and talk to me(very verbal kid here), but she wants Daddy, her world is her daddy, the only thing that I feel that she wants me for is to nurse, just as her "baba" One of the boy's is completely "Mamma's boy" Robbie is comfortable with eihter of us, though. And yes, it hurts, I feel like DD loves DH and she doesn't like me.
I get the "What are you?" a lot, in my own country!!!! They have said I am: Greek, Spaniard, French, Russian, American,Swedish(when I walk around with my natural blonde hair, and I have green eyes) and so on. In my own country!! I'm Cuban, with a strong Cuban accent, I'm half Greek, but i was born in Cuba and raised in Cuba, everything Cuba! lol Anyways, here's a story: Last week, we went to a store to buy somethings, you know groceries, and then before I open my...
Different Allergic(lol) Enthusiastic Loyal
I ove to go fishing I get really cranky when I'm tired I was born in 1982 I speak Spanish
There's alos a video, of Jessica(in German) where she's having potatoe chips and coke for breakfast and pizza for lunch!!! That's abuse!
This is worse, a 7 year old girl that weights 400lbs Poor child, she can't even walk normally, and she struggles to breath, you could see how much she's suffering, I wonder how much weight she had lost by know, I hope she's fine, my blessing go to her. Jessica
I'll say paci, it's easier to wean a child from a paci, than from a thumb IMO. My dd is obssesed with her paci, i prefer that to the thumb
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