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I posted about this previously but I'll mention it again..... H1N1 will be a strain included in the regular ole seasonal flu shot this coming fall. I heard it straight from the vax rep at the hospital.
I heard it straight from the vax rep's mouth yesterday. I'm a nursing student and had the opportunity to listen in on a vax rep's spiel during lunch. I didn't know if this has already been mentioned here before, as it's the first I've heard of it.
Is it possible to have titers checked for H1N1?
I am trying so badly to not have a tet shot. I asked the admin of the nursing program I will be attending about using a religious exemption or even signing a waiver and she said she would find out. Well, she emailed and I cannot be exempted. The clinical sites won't allow it and require it of all their nursing students and employees. So what am I supposed to do? Should I email again and ask about religious discrimination? Or just take the shot and pray that I don't...
As far as I know, they won't let me use an exemption. I've already resigned myself to the fact that I will have to get some sort of tet. shot. Now I'm just trying to decide which one.... I go back Thursday for my tb results, so if I finally decide on the TD I'll probably just have it done then... Amanda
I must have a tet. shot for nursing school. I went to the dr today and they didn't have any tet. toxoid, just TD and DTaP. I inquired further and at first the dr didn't know there was such a thing. Then she called the pharmacy and they said they think there is one called Hyper-Tet (I *think* that was the name) that they can order. I checked the net when I came home and Hyper-Tet is not a vax, it's the Tig they give you when you have an injury. I know I've read...
I'm going to LPN school in September!! I'm a single homeschooling mother, so pretty nervous about how this is going to work out.
If you are a CHristian, there's the Keepers of the Faith handbooks. http://www.keepersofthefaith.com There are 2 for girls (Keepers at Home, Little Keepers at Home) and 2 for boys (Contenders of the Faith, Little Contenders of the Faith). They're non-denom (we have a group, and our families are at least 3 diff. denoms.) but all the scriptures are KJV. fyrfly
My best friend is having another baby next spring and I am torn about whether or not I should bother being there for the birth. She asked me about doulas, but she can't afford one. I was thinking of offering to help her, but I'm now having 2nd thoughts. Is it even worth it to act as someone's labor support if they are just going to get the epi as soon as they walk in the hospital? She'll probably be having the whole load of interventions, since her last baby was a...
Under what circumstances would a dr know for certain that a woman who is only a few wks along would have to have a csection? Is prev. history enough to base the decision on? If someone has had a prev. preemie birth, prev. induced birth leading to bleeding and a stuck baby (which also had bleeding early in preg), and prev. placenta previa ending in csection....would those births make a dr say you must have another csection? I am asking for a friend and would like to...
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