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I want to try too. Spent last night reading through a majority of the tread. Interesting reading. Will we sell the house before summer 2010 How will it go? (loss/even/gain)
I have the most perfect average baby 50% weight at 2 months 12 pounds 1 ounce and 50% height at 23.25 inches
ETA to what PP have said. It depends on how much discretionary income you have and if you are covered in other areas. Ultimately it depends on what you are comfortable with as a family. That said I probably spend around $100 sometimes more on myself a month. It is part of our budget that we agreed upon and it allow for us to pay everything we need, save for retirement and kids college and still have some extra left. The money I spend includes my nice salon haircuts,...
I am having the same issue. Jonas is a little over 5 weeks and I still don't "feel" bonded to him. He is more this little thing that is just here peeing and pooping all day. I take care of him and love him on an intellectual level because he is my son but I am not emotionally in tune with him the same way. With my first it was immediate love at first sight. I know my birth experience has a lot to do with it. I never got the benefit of the natural chemicals release...
I would walk away from this. For one, this is not your dream house and all the things that bother you now will only bother you that much more when you start to remember you paid more than you wanted to. Houses come on the market everyday. You are not in a hurry to buy. We made the mistake to buy because we felt we needed something now and here we are 5 years later absolutely miserable wishing we could do it over.
1. Grocery run and co-op pick up ($126) $7 starbucks for DH : 2. no spend 3. no spend 4: :Lots of spending but all was budgeted for as part of clothing and grocery budget. Groceries and clothes/shoes for DS1, New baby supplies 5: no spend 6. no spend 7. no spend 8. : over spent at Walgreens. Walked in to get a new lense case but walked out with much more. Will be budgeted in my fun money though so not like I was spending money we did not have. Just money...
that is great news. That is a min of 3 months full time work. Not bad at all. Congrats.
and it is still cheaper than going out for dinner and a show
Just think of this as being your splurge before you knew better
That is awesome. How are you planning to store them. We need to come up with something here.
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