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surprise guys. I am still here. 42 weeks 1 day today. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that this little one is not coming on his own before we have to do something. I am not comfortable going much more over knowing the fluid levels have already dropped and are getting close to dangerously low. I had a nice day yesterday with a 1 hour pedicure, a huge banana split. lots of walking and several hours of intimacy with my breast pump. It produces contractions...
Quote: Originally Posted by Raene Wow, Pernille. You're my hero. You sound so patient! I am just faking it really well I guess knowing Monday it will happen no matter what has helped a little.
I am so happy for you, that is amazing how things work out sometimes. Congratulations. Enjoy your baby and take care of your self. (ok, I am also a little jealous)
ohh yeah we have tried them all. Even resorted to castor oil on Wednesday. Been doing acupuncture since week 39 but stopped Monday since I was getting really tired of having to keep driving there. Nothing is working.
Thanks for thinking of me I am still pregnant. 42 weeks today. Never thought that would happen. I have until Monday. Sometimes you got to love the weekend. So today I am treating myself to a pedicure, ice cream and maybe a movie.
Sarah - have a fun day off. You totally deserve it. I have a day planned too. I am taking SIL out for pedicures and ice cream and maybe if we have time and I can convince DH to continue toddler duty a movie. At 42 weeks I have reach the I don't care anymore stage. If he is not here by Monday my midwife who will be back in town sunday night will break my water and hope labor starts if not I transfer for an induction. She can't do a HB here after you hit the 42 mark...
Wombat - you have definitely done everything possible. While it may not turn out the way you had hope at least you are right that they didn't section just because it was Friday night. I will be thinking of you tonight hoping something happens.
wombat - how did your NST go? I just got back from mine. Baby looks good. The only issue is fluids. I measured 5.2 had it been 5 or lower I would have been induced immediately. However since every other indicator showed healthy baby they sent me on my way with the strict order to drink more. They also said I was having contractions, too bad they are not enough to get this thing moving. I surely am not feeling much. So, I have until Monday before we move forward....
happy it worked for you but it is like any other induction method, it doesn't work for everyone or all the time. Anyone practitioner who says it does just got lucky in IMHO.
I am 41w5d today and very little going on. Since i started a separate thread to discuss my dilemma and get your perspectives I will not rehash it again. All I will say is I never expected to be in the place where I have to make these types of decisions. Today I am trying to come to peace with my decision and the results of it. Right now I am trying to work though the anger at my body for not cooperating, the realization that I have lost over a week of leave with the...
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