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Such a sweet story...Now that's what thrifting should be about!
Didn't see a sign about prices at my Goodwill, but did notice kids clothes were sorted by size, too! Didn't check adult clothing, though.
 Yeah, I think it's a common thought, too...When I first started thrifting, my DH thought it was as if I was taking the opportunity to buy low cost, needed items from people who 'really' need them. The store she specifically mentioned was hospital charity store, so the profits do go back to the local community, so I don't know. :/ Yeah, I thrift partly to save $, partly for the thrill of the hunt, and partly out of environmental concerns. I think it's an outdated mentality...
Oh, and a thrifting story:   I inadvertently offended an acquaintance a while back when I mentioned thrifting. We were talking about how our kids outgrow clothes and shoes so quickly and how often the quality of new clothes at Target, tween-girl-mall-stores, etc. is poor, especially for the price. I mentioned how I get a lot of quality basics for my DD at thrift stores--that I can get brand name clothes for a bargain and I know they will hold up since often they've...
Haven't really been thrifting lately (trying to cut back on buying stuff I don't need, even if it's a bargain), but popped into Goodwill the other day and got:   *Such & Such board game for DD (complete--) $3 *LL Bean skort for DD--$2 *3 chapter books for DD-- $1 *bag of (Target?) new mechanical pencils (proably about 30 of them bundled in a bag) $2; cute designs--DD is going to tape one each to classmates Valentine cards
My latest scores (from a kids consignment sale on half-price day): --girl's Gap dress $1--dark red with satin ribbons, perfect for Christmas --girl's Gymboree top and pants set $2 --girl's Gap leggings $1.50--cream colored; will pair with the dress   I was pretty pleased. I usually shop Goodwill for DD's clothes, but these prices were even better. (Goodwill prices in my area can be high, especially on brand name clothing). My area has these kids consignment sales once...
Yep, Goodwill near me has a 'boutique' rack of women's clothes, but it seems sort of random. I got a Michael Kors top for $6.99 on the boutique rack (regular shirts are $4.50). But, I often find lots of brand name items (Banana Republic, tons of Ann Taylor/LOFT) in the regular racks.
I would also look into PANDAS/PANS...even if she doesn't have the classic sx (sudden onset; recent strep, etc)...the tics, baby talk, handwriting changes, mood lability are all commonly seen in kids w/ PANS. Lyme also causes many neurological sx in kids...feel free to PM me...my child had many of the same sx (was dx w/ anxiety and as on the spectrum, and I suspected she was bipolar...most of her sx are gone now that we are treating for PANS...)
Is he being seen at KKI's CARD? If so, I had a negative experience there. Feel free to PM me for more details.  
Didn't want to read and not post.  So much of what you wrote sounds like my DD (now 6.5), who at 5 was finally dx with PDD, anxiety and OCD. We really didn't  see much relief from the meltdowns, controlling, rigid behavior, and intense anxiety until we started her on inositol a few months ago. It's been a tough road.   I hope you get some answers soon. Please PM me if you ever want to talk.
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