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Hi, recently my family has fallen apart and we need to be near extended family.  The thing is I only have temporary places to live.  I have been fighting disability, but needless to say I can't work and have no income.  I will apply for any and all benefits I can get, but since my daughter is living with daddy I don't get any child support.  I will need to rent a room within 3 weeks, any help is really appreciated.
Dd had the CP vax, which I never remember say OK to, but it's there in her records . I would like to see if see if she can get it this Summer. So I will be willing to travel within 30 of Salem.
Nice to meet you both, been off MDC for a long time. Hailey is 7 now.
Congrats on #2! Hi, there I'm in Salem and have been to Corvallis for an Unschooling convention. (Hi Fourlittlebirds!) If you have any pregnancy/birth questions I'm happy to share online resources.
I can't do it now as Hailey is recovering from a looong cold/flu and already missed a month of school. However, I already told another friend who is a non-vaxer and has 6 kids. Karinda might be up to it too as the last attempt failed to work.
I was bf-ed until I was four! I do remember nursing and don't feel weird about it. We did not co-sleep family bed style but my mom did not believe in CIO either. I wasn't vaccinated, was born unmediated and began vegetarian after discovering a meat allergy when I was 2. My mom did great with that stuff considering how awful her childhood was.
I haven't posted in forever...but I here for those that feel like chatting or asking someone for more resources. I'm so excited to be on the might-call for my UC-ing friend in August. I rarely attend birth and am so happy to be possibly invited for woman support, if she wants that. Hugs and love to all you mamas!
I had asked Dh if we could do the same for the shelter here, but he say NO! I hope your allergies will cooperate.
Monty recovered quite quickly from his neuter, although I was very upset that they did it abdominally!! I thought that I had asked the right questions and the Doc seemed rabbit savvy. Thankfully there were no problems and he was ready to run around after the post-op rest time. He fully potty trained super quick and I now have two free-roaming bunnies. Monty is 6 months now and going on 11Lbs. I also started volunteering in the Rabbit room at my local Humane Society. ...
GD is a problematic diagnosis at best, some practitioners think it's a load of crap. Henci Goer has two good articles about it, the way it's managed and the outcomes...bottom line. Watching your carbs and refined sugar is important for all pregnant women, but the tests a flawed and the numbers do not take into account the normal way blood sugar behaves during...
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