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I got a kit from Joy's Waldorf dolls and it was a great kit. I called in my order and I got to talk to Joy herself. Great customer service! Tawnya
Ok, I have bought blank playsilks from www.thaisilks.com. Look under scarves, china silk... There shipping is cheap too. Then I kool-aid dye them. I put a playsilk or two in a plastic gallon jar that use to have pretzel in it. I fill it about half full of water and add a couple of packs of kool-aid and a few tablespoons of white vinegar and then I set it out in the sun. A few hours later then silk has soaked up all the dye and your water is clear. (scary about...
They find joy in the simplest of things.... a six inch strand of embroidery floss is a new treasure for them. I'm lucky because I have toddler TWINS! Tawnya
I just bought a group kit from this website. When I ordered I called in my order and talked to Joy. It made it easier to order just what I wanted. I found the prices to be great. I have already made 2 of the 5 dolls. The instruction book is easy to follow and the kits is very nice. I would recommend her. Here is the link, I hope it works... http://www.joyswaldorfdolls.com/ Tawnya
La-La (the yellow Teletubbie) (am I watching too much children's tv?)
My dh and I were set up on a blind date. We had talked on the phone, and emailed prior to the date. But when he picked me up and I saw him on the door step I just *knew* he was the one. (I was currently dating another guy quite often, but threw in this blind date on a weekend he was going to be busy) I didn't tell him I had that feeling until like our fourth or fifth date. In May we celebrate our 5th anniversary and we have wonderful twin boys, and I just...
big bird
I have a 10 yo girl come in once week for about three hours so I can do some chores I normally couldn't do, or a personal project. I also like her coming in because it gives my boys someone with new energy and new ideas of things to play. She likes coming in because she likes getting the experience of "babysitting" before she is really old enough to do it on her own. Tawnya
We want to buy booster seats to use in the car with our twins. They turn two in March and are nearly 40 lbs. The meet the height/weight limit of the seats we are looking at (they say minimun weight of 30 lbs). What I don't understand is why does it say for 3 years old and up? What booster seats do you all use and like? These are our first kids and we have to buy TWO so we want to make a wise purchase. Thanks, Tawnya
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