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Queer. Trans. Kinda single...other dad and I are no longer together - up until now we had the most amazing coparenting arrangement conceivable since we live in the same building and still like each other, but that is sort of up in the air because he wants to move 2 hours away. Which sucks. I've definitely noticed the clueless/sexy thing. Also when I'm out with the kids and accompanied by any woman (lover, friend, acquaintance I ran into the minute before), people assume...
Hey - I'm trans and I parent. I've transitioned since becoming a parent though , so I think the issues are probably pretty different (as is what I wish someone had told me). I second the recommendation of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GQTGParenting/ - it's a very friendly group, active but not overwhelming, and there are many members who have become or are becoming parents post-transition.
Hi GRmom, Just wanted to give you a and some links. I now identify as trans, but I originally came out to my xh as lesbian. (Long story.) We are separated but close friends. This group helped me a lot: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/willowgals . It's a fairly intimate (plenty of posts but not huge) group of married-to-men or formerly-married-to-men gay and bi women. Many of them have kids and there are people in all situations (including struggling with fear of...
PMed you with a link.
Wow, thanks, everyone! Lots of helpful advice. I think Grace would be traumatized if I told her to stay off the bars, but she does stop when it hurts too much. She would probably wear the grips. I'll try giving it some time and treating her hands.
This has been the Summer of the Monkey Bars for my 5.5-year-old, and she keeps getting (painful) blisters on one of her hands...like, right now, there is a new one, and two old ones still looking red. It seems like she should have formed calluses by now. Any ideas on what to do about them? I was thinking she needs to wear something on her hands, but I have no idea what would do the trick without making it harder to grip.
My dd was 3.5yo. There were hard aspects. In some ways we had a nearly ideal transition: dd1 was well prepared, she was able to watch dd2 born into our bathtub and then tandem nurse in bed, and dd2 was an easy baby. Still, there was an adjustment period, and I could see some sadness in her face and behavior. Becoming a sister is a big transition, I guess, and I was watching her grow and mature through that -- and watching my first baby (whom I was all afraid of "losing")...
: I'm in the Bronx.
I stopped at 5yo. It was becoming a source of conflict, bec I have a 20-month old also, and when we are out alone, it takes a lot of my attention to keep her from "overexploring".
OMG - I did not mean to include that woohoo icon, but it's far too aptly bitter looking to remove.
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