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Very deep... thanks for the thought-provoking stimulus this Saturday evening. I especially think this is true in how many derive a sense of pride for how little they get by on. It is no different than bragging about a new Lexus, imo. In Buddhism, there is the belief that unhappiness comes from wanting things to be other than what they are... so, in that regards, you are unhappy whether wanting less or more.
I HEART my babyhawk!
Quote: Originally Posted by EFPookie Multi-tasking tip of the day: Pouring juice for toddler + nursing baby = sticky baby head. Duly noted. Re: hemorrhoids... i had major ones at the end of my pregnancy that only worsened after pushing ds out on a birthing stool! my favorite thing for them is this balm from earth mama angel baby. you keep it in the fridge and it feels heavenly on them. i also do the pushing back in thing when i can. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Krystal323 I "A you're adorable, b you're so beautiful i was wondering if this was a real song or one that my mom maid up! i sing this one, too. and ditto on 3 little birds. isn't it funny how we sing the same ones!
this is reminding me of that friends episode where ross and rachel discover their baby loves the song baby got back!
Hi, all... made it over here, i have 20 lbs to get to pp weight. this morning i took ds on a 30 minute walk in my ring sling. we started at 7:45 and it was already crazy humid. yuck! does anyone have any suggestions for incredibly simple, healthy meals? you know, simple enough for a mom of a newborn!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandme I got LOADS of mileage out of songs from the Sound of Music. "Edelweiss" especially. Also "Doe a Deer, a female deer...." that's so funny, i do edelweiss, too! i thought i was just being weird. i tend to do songs that i know all the words to. ds's favorite is close to you by the carpenters... but i have been known to sing ones that are kind of inappropriate like depeche mode's policy of truth or squeeze's...
wisconsingrl, i'm sure you've already heard of stefanie cave's book, what your dr may not tell you about childhood vaccintions... but i wantedto mention it, just in case. i started reading it last week and i'm enjoying it. kittn, i know what you mean... i try to make myself feel better about the extra value i'm getting out of my maternity wear! it's truly frustrating when you have friends like i do who are all to eager to tell u how their weight just "melted off" in ...
What are some of your tips? I have a lucky baby that i've had trouble with my newborn and finally gave up and moved on to other carriers. I'd love to get use out of it still.
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