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We usually go over to the near by Traditional Chinese Medicine school for a potluck and performance. But this year I think we are going to have a party instead. Our focus is going to be on representation, as in why do they use certain colors and images. We will also cook and look at maps. DS is only 5 so our focus is probably different. One of our favorite picture books is Rikki Tikki Tembo, which is an old folk tale from China so that will make it's way out as well.
Where are you in Massachusetts? North Star, which is in Hadley is an amazing school/homeschool program for self-directed learning. If you are in the area you should at least talk with them.
We live in Denver Colorado and we have a pretty active unschooling community. We're a big city so there is a lot of everything going on but I know that a lot of the homeschoolers we meet are unschooling. We are part of an unschooling community most of the kids are younger, 8 and under, but I know that there are other groups around here as well. The community itself is very supportive of what we are doing. I think some of that comes from how many charter schools and...
As a family we get a good laugh from Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit.   For myself I haven't laughed a lot from reading in a while except I read The Sweet Life in Paris and it made me laugh out loud (which was incredibly awkward on day in a coffee shop). Some of Ayun Halliday's writing makes me laugh too.
A little slow but we just picked up our postcards yesterday., look out for Colorado in the mail soon!
Some just posted this on our local board. We're in Denver so I'm not willing to sign up for the winter session but we are definitely thinking about it if they do one in the Spring.
I'm homeschooling my ds who is 5. Short message for the moment,  but yes we are around.
I just wanted to say how happy I am that we've stayed with unschooling as DS has reached school age. I spent entirely too much time on this board when he was little trying to absorb everything, learn from parents with older kids so that I could see what was ahead. Still I was afraid that powers beyond me, or within me, would shift how we were doing things. But now it all seems to becoming together, I can sit there each day and note how he is learning, how we are learning...
Two things.   One I think Starfall is more for little kids learning their letters, we haven't really liked the learning to read section.   Two we love What's Gnu.
Still trying to find post cards, I know there are tons of postcard, we live in Colorado after all, but we live in the city not near any tourist stuff. Thursday we'll go looking for some.
New Posts  All Forums: