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I'm a Janey-come-lately to this show, having just watched the piot and become hooked!.  Unfortunately fx and hulu only offer the last four episodes-- and, although I've had many of the twists completely spoiled by a site I stumbled upon (:/), I don't want to skip ahead.  How can I safely watch the episodes in between?  Really like the vibe and characters of this show!  
Hi, Perhaps you're looking for http://lafermedesourrou.blogspot.com/.  I love the Hardworkinghippy's blog and am so disappointed that she hasn't updated it in a year.  I hope the reason for that is she and Fabrice are just too busy creating their beautiful life....  The photos are delicious!
Also... Is anyone else almost willing to trade in plumbing for those gorgeous gowns and hats??!!
I LOVE this series!  The characters are so deep and flawed- but still likable. (With the exception of Thomas. Pitooey!)  I thought it was funny to say "Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister"  whenever Isobel came into scene.  Apparently I was only annoying.  Can't wait for season 6 of Dr. Who too   It will have to distract me while I wait until 2012 (!) for the return of Downton Abbey. sigh...  
Congratulations on your girl!  Sacajawea? Haha.  I'm happy that you two will be able to start over and hopefully find a girl's name you BOTH love. I'll take the unpopular position, however, and say that I think Tecumseh is kind of a cool name. An amazing historical figure and I think "Tuck" would be a pretty good nickname.  Okay, this is coming from one who's boy name favorites were Wolfgang and Hugo- so take it for what it's worth.  ;)  My daughters are happy they were...
Penny, Thanks for your reply. I'll give a little braggs acv a try. Sass
I have a scoby but no kombucha liquid in a significant amount. Do I need to do something to compensate? My co-op stopped selling so I can't purchase some... TY
I believe River dies in the Library in season 4(?). Technically the Doctor was able to "save" her, but I think that was the end of her timeline in her physical form. Right? Her life with the Doctor had already occurred for her- so those later events remain in the timeline....I think... Sometimes the time travel thing twists me around a bit
AND- how could I forget--- River totally kicks butt, too!
I know! That was such a fabulous season finale!! We watched it this morning and have been talking about it all day This entire season has not disappointed. Love the new Doctor! Love Amy! Love Rory! We're pretty bummed around here that we'll have to wait until December to get our next fix.
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