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We are on Medicaid and they are paying for my midwife - I don't know how that works or anything but the midwife is $3500 or so??? And I will owe nothing - they picked it all up with my DS too when I birthed with the same midwife. I only had to buy the birthing supplies.
Okay, I took my 5 yr old DS out of public school a month ago and have only done about 5 hours total of "schoolwork" since. I need help. Background Info: DS is 5. He's a very active kid. He likes worksheets but loves hands-on type stuff. He's extremely smart, but gets bored sooooo easily. He's a follower and a fighter (two traits he picked up in the short time he was in public school). DD is 3. She is very easy-going. Does what you ask her to, sits and colors for...
This one is crawling now and he turned 4 months on May 29th. Alex crawled at 5 months Ari crawled around 8 months Raymond crawled at 8 months
Howe about getting a closed in china cabinet (without glass) and using it for storing your curriculum and supplies. I use a liquor cabinet lol.. I havent read the responses yet so sorry if thats already been suggested
we use a gate so kitty can jump over but babies cannot climb over
Oh and the magazines we love aren't necessarily home schooling mags but fun learning magazines for kids Ranger Rick My Big Backyard National Geo for Kids
Our favorite catalog is Timberdoodle
My oldest son just turned 5 and we love games. Leap Frog has a Bingo game thats awesome. They also have Dominoes that we love. Umm all of the leapfrog stuff is pretty good even though its a lot of electronics and plastic (if used correctly they can be really helpful). Cranium games are a lot of fun. My son's an active child and he LOOOOOOVES Cranium Hullaballo(spell?) My son is also really into bugs and wild animals. He also loves science experiments. We love our...
We use Corelle for plates and bowls and for cups my little one drinks out of his sippy (we are in the process of switching over to Klean Kanteens and Siggs only) and my older ones use juice glasses at the table but use their water bottles during most of the day.
I, too, see the pledge as somethings towards the country... not government and in recognition of our soldiers. Having been raised with a dad who was in Vietnam, Grandfather in WWII, Great Great Grandfather in WWI and my uncle about 4-5 generations back from the Civil War and so on and so on, I was raised to know the pledge as a tradition and then learned the meaning of it. DH's dad is retired navy, uncle was navy, grandfather is retired navy seal.. Our family has much...
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