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Oh yes!  I'm happy :)  I think I should have said, consistent results over time!  That's the real trick for me.
I'm down 1lb this week, weighing in at 221.   After a long season of selling and buying houses (and a summer-long couch surf at my parents') I am getting back into routines.  I've dropped the Dr Pepper and started drinking water in earnest. I've found an online yoga site that seems to be a good fit and I've got a pool/gym membership.  I haven't gotten back to the gym, but I've been swimming with my girls a few times.     It definitely feels good to be back in the...
222. No change this week.  But now my period is over, the fridge is stocked with good food and our pool membership has been renewed. Next week is looking up!
Ok. weighing in at 222 this morning.  Not as bad as I had feared.   I'm 5'4.
Hello!  I've had a crazy summer/autumn and I am ready to rejoin these challenges!  I hope you've all been well :)   LilacVioletIris- Congratulations on the birth of your boys!   Can I weigh in tomorrow morning?
Hello!  I have a question that I can't find the answer to.  Obviously, I'll call and ask at the superintendent's office but I'd also like to hear other's thoughts.   We have sold our home and are living in temporary housing while we look for a new house to buy. We are actively looking, but he market is tough.  We have been bouncing around in different living situations, currently at my parents and we have a place lined up for most of the fall.  We will look for a...
Weighing in at 213 again this week.   I can't complain as I have not been trying very hard.  This has been a difficult month for many stressful reasons and it's just the way it is.   Apologies to my team!  I leave in a few days on a two week road trip, so I don't suppose my numbers will be very good, if I'm even able to weigh in at all.  :(
Holding steady at 213.   I achieved my goal of eating less fast food. The girls and I ate home made lunches all week and we ate at home most nights.  I am just not getting the exercise I need.    We are house hunting and seeing houses at 5pm is really killing our motivation to cook dinner :(
I'm at 213 today.  :(     We are living in temporary housing(a super sweet little cottage!) with somewhat limited cooking facilities.  Add in the stress of a long and drawn out closing on our old house and my eating has not been ideal.   I'm hoping for less food on the run this week and some more activity!
We unschool and don't have tv limits.  Our girls are 4 and 7.   Our philosophy has been  (and I imagine will continue to be) :  Increase the positive activities and the negative activities will naturally decrease.     The girls watch tv when we're home and they haven't found anything else to entertain them. This is a very small percentage of our day.  At this point their tv watching doesn't bother me.
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