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DD1, 6yo, has a tendency to do this as well.  We've made some strides by saying "Nope. You couldn't do it this time, but next time you can give it a try again."   I feel like it validates her feelings (that she can't do it) because at the moment they are true, but it leaves the door open for success next time.
You have just described my DD2 who will be four in March.   Our first was ornery from 2-5yo, but DD2 has been so sweet that it hit me like a ton of bricks when she started tantruming over the summer.   I have chalked it up to it being a busy time of growth- she has grown physically (with body pains associated with that, I assume), she's jumped intellectually, with vocabulary, game skills and social skills.  She is also learning new things physically, like ice skating...
You say that by the end of the pay cycle you are left with no extra money.  I might suggest allocating a specific amount of money to savings at the beginning of the pay cycle, putting it away and not touching it unless absolutely necessary.  Even it it is a small amount, say $20/paycheck, you'd at least have something put away.   I'm guessing that if you're bleeding money there is extra going to waste. But if you 'pay yourself first' into savings, you'd be sure to...
We have an ironing board very similar to this one from Target.  (I didn't choose it, DH picked it up on a whim years ago)   I have a small dream to hang it on a wall in our laundry area, but see those funny, bowl shaped feet?  I can't seem to find a commercial ironing board hanger that would fit it.   Does anyone have any great suggestions for me as to how I could hang it?  I'm fairly handy and will eventually figure it out, but I've found that seeking other...
Wonderful job mama!  We're in a very similar situation :)
I sometimes count down from 3 or 5 or whatever and it is fairly helpful.  Both with my 5yo and my 2yo.  Usually I phrase it like "you have 10seconds to do it yourself or I will come and help you"  Then they have the choice to do it or wait for help.   For real, true safety issues I intervene immediately with no counting.
I don't have a great solution for the smell, but even in my frugal household I would probably consider it a freecycle-loss.  After 5 washes you'd've almost been better off to just buy a new Boppy!   I hope someone has a great suggestion because I always try to repair before replacing, but I'd think about how much work and $ you want to put into this 'free' item.
For me it was 20 months postpartum.  Both times.  I was shocked that it was exactly the same :)
Because I want to sleep (or have a little time to myself!)  Nursing her down to sleep means that I don't spend two hours cajoling her to sleep.   DD1 nursed to sleep until somewhere between 2 and 3 but has fallen asleep on her own since then. DD2 still nurses to sleep, but I can see her moving away from it.   Also, I love the time with my little one :)
I like The Frugal Girl.
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