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It's So You Think You Can Dance.  I suppose if you're watching it the letters aren't so random.   I just caught up to episode 3 (LA) but I haven't seen this week's show.  I love watching it, but I don't have a ton of tv watching time so I try to sneak it in here and there :)
I can't tell from your posts if you are usually in the water with her or if you're on the shore while she swims.  Maybe staying in the water would help you feel more connected to her level of exhaustion and it would help calm your fears.   Another thing I've thought of- could you play some games and such in the water?  You could toss a ball out and have her swim to it and bring it back.  Start close and then go a little further each time.  Or you could have water...
Brooke Dell Vale Lane/Layne Dale   ETA: Heath Dean  
Maybe this is a good time to talk about/reinforce personal space issues.  My DD1 is only just 5, but she tends to get up in people's space unintentionally.  Talking about how other people appreciate a little space has been helpful for her.
Maybe you could decide how much space you're willing to allow for hand-me-down storage (say one rubbermaid bin/kid or something) and then only keep what will fit in that space.  This will force you to only choose the best or your favorite things.  It might not provide a whole 3rd wardrobe, but would certainly help.
I hardly belong here as my family is only the slightest bit multicultural (my niece was adopted from Taiwan, we're all of European descent otherwise).   I wonder if you MIL is hesitant to comment on your baby's physical appearance because she doesn't want people to think that she is favoring the features of her 'own' heritage, but at the same time doesn't want to comment on the features from your heritage lest she look like she's gawking at the differences.   I'm...
I have found that some sunscreens give me a rash.  I have narrowed it down to the ingredients octinoxate and octisalate. (in case that helps you figure out why your kids are having a reaction)   We use Vanicream 30.  (link to SkinDeep database listing)
My girls, 5 and 2 both really enjoy the Wonder Pets! right now.  Curious George is always a favorite.  DD1 also likes Fetch with Ruff Ruffman (I think there's video on PBSkids.org)   And also, many of the shows listed above.
okay, a question.  I have been hanging pants by the cuffs because my own logic tells me that having the waistbands free at the bottom would help them dry faster. Instead of having the waistbands pegged to the rope.  Is there a reason that having the thickest part up helps them dry faster?   I've got one of those too and I love it!   I use it, mostly, to hang cloth diaper wipes and family cloth. I should probably get another for socks and undies when I need to do laundry...
I'm so sorry for your losses!   We all have times when we just snap.   In our house we have a code word that we use with DD1 when she pushes our buttons.  We call it 'burning'.  As in, "DD1, I feel like I am really burning up inside!  This [insert behavior] has to stop now!"  She knows, now, what that means and will usually back off.   Another suggestion, which I remember from pre-marital counseling, is to try to diffuse the tension and anger with humor.  It is...
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