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Just this past weekend we picked up a fully functioning, very much wanted/needed, portable dishwasher! Blog post here
Quote: Originally Posted by WeasleyMum Now I guess if we were looking at a direct (X $$) = (amount of labor) sort of equation, like "this sweater, at 100 dollars, is equal to 10 hours of work at $10 an hour" (the kind of thought process I go through sometimes for impulsive purchases), then when thinking about gross vs. net pay it does make a difference-- it would actually be 12-13 hours' worth of pay or whatever. But I don't see how income taxes would...
Quote: Originally Posted by notneb There are at least 3 freecycle groups in my area. Maybe you can start a Northern X County Freecycle instead of Your Town Freecycle, or something like that. I agree. My immediate area has three groups that almost completely overlap.
I'm pretty sure the Salvation Army will schedule a pickup at your house. I wonder if the Goodwill would do the same? If it were me, I'd schedule the pickup for a Monday and that would give me the motivation to to a massive purge over the weekend- especially knowing that I'd be able to get rid of it all at once!
I have somewhat mixed feelings on this topic. I certainly don't think that a person should be expected to give gifts beyond their means or their desire to give. I hate when I hear about people who give *only* so that they can recieve. Gifts should be given from the heart and received with gratefulness. It doesn't always happen that way. That being said, I hope to instill a love of giving in my children. Using your example, if I may: Sometimes, if Grandma gave a gift...
How about as a salad dressing? Lettuce, avocado and a dollop each of salsa and sour cream sounds really good right now!
I'd definitely put less on her plate! Maybe your kids are like cats and dogs... our cats would ration their food for the whole day, but the dog would eat everything in his bowl everytime it was full. Your DD may just be overwhelmedor excited by the amt of food and she doesn't yet know how to slow down.
We've given up on delivery as well! I make spaghetti sauce and meatballs about once a month and freeze it. Several containers get sauce and meatballs and there's always sauce left over. So I label it "pizza sauce" and no one is the wiser
Cookbooks: More with Less Simply in Season
Quote: Originally Posted by clicksab woodchick...are you an irish dancer? Your shoes look like dance shoes, and in my obsession, I couldn't help but notice. Ha! Thanks for the laugh No. I am probably the exact opposite of an Irish dancer! The sneaks are a pair of Merrells I found on super sale at Marshalls a couple years back. But since you mentioned it (and since I've seen some Irish dancers on PBS) they do kind of look like the...
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