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You know that he can't stop your support if you don't do what he says, right? Ideally you would take the other parents comfort in to consideration but he doesn't get to control you.
Both kids are at school and I have a HUGE list of things that need to get done today, including the giant pile of dishes and cleaning the toilet and bathroom, but instead I'm lying on the couch, surfing the net and watching Halloween II that I recorded last night.
  Parenting is raising children to be self sufficient adults, who are hopefully caring, productive members of society.
  These aren't parenting things. These are things that you would do with a friend.
She will be fine. Her daddy loves her just as much as you do. I agree that starting small outings now and building up would be a good idea.
Um, they are grown ups now, they don't need parenting anymore.
I think it sounds like you have some OCD going on. I recommend seeing a doctor and getting some therapy.
It honestly just takes time, and I know that sounds like such a sucky answer but it's the only way. After 18 months I was ready to start dating again and I met a wonderful, honest, reliable, hardworking man and we've been together for just over two years now.   Seriously, just take it one day at a time and soon you'll find that there are more good days than bad and then after that there will be mostly good days.   You will be ready to trust and love again one...
I would say "different people believe different things. It's OK for people to have different beliefs to us. I don't agree with Daddy about religion/racism/being a big douche. I believe xyz because abc. In our house it's not OK to call people names because they are black/white/yellow/green. I believe that God is a kind and loving God that helps us to be good, not punish us for being bad (or whatever your beliefs may be)"   I think that all you can do is lead by...
I have to agree that it sounds really unhealthy.   From reading your latest posts it sounds like he is abusive and pretty unhappy in the relationship.   Personally I would give him the ultimatum of couples counselling or you separate and I would make sure you stick to it. I honestly feel like he doesn't believe you'll leave him so he's happy just to go along treating you like shit. You may love him but you are worth more than this. You deserve a partner that is...
New Posts  All Forums: