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Well, I read the news online on my phone while I'm lying down with my kids when they go to bed at night. Plus I read when I get in bed before I go to sleep. I've perfected the art of picking up a book and putting it down when I'm needed and then picking it up again. I might only get to read a page or two before I'm needed but those pages add up pretty quickly.   Really though, you're a SAHM to a baby, I think it's pretty much OK to be fried at the moment. It won't be...
Why don't you just get your DS to sleep on the mattress on the floor? At 5yo I think he's old enough to be OK with that and it will make it a lot easier to transition him into his own bed and his own room.   I have to admit that I don't understand why your ex thinks it would be "harmful" for your son to share a bed with your BF unless he is worried about SA, in which case I'd say you have bigger problems.
I would keep away from him. Any man that complains about paying child support is not worth your time, IMHO.
I get my kids to sleep in their beds (well, the beds are pushed together so it's kind of one bed) and go to sleep in my bed. If they wake up during the night, they just come in to my bed and go back to sleep. Can you just get them to come in to your bed?
No advice on the lovey but one thing to try is when you get up after she's asleep push a pillow right up next to her so if she flails or rolls over she feels like you're still next to her.
Do you cosleep? Honestly, I think if you cosleep I would just cut out the rocking and bouncing and just lie next to him and rub is back or something while he fusses. It will probably take some time to adjust but I think you'll be helping him in the long run by letting him learn how to get himself back to sleep.
  I completely agree. Also, what I think she is really saying is "I like it when you lie down with me. I'm used to it. I feel sad that you aren't lying down with me tonight.". I think telling her "I love you but Daddy is going to put you to bed tonight. I am going to do XYZ. Have a good sleep. I love you." and then leaving is the best thing to do. I don't think her being upset has anything to do with her "bond" with your DH, she's just bummed that she's not getting her...
He can be as determined as he'd like but if you have a court document saying that he doesn't see her then stick to it. I know the desire to be friendly and easy going to make things better for the kids but honestly it is better to be as formal as possible, esp in a situation like yours.   Civil and polite is exactly what you should be aiming for. If he is telling you otherwise it's because he has a problem, you do not have a bad attitude.   I would arrange to get...
Wow, there's some late bedtimes here! 4 yo (and 7 yo for that matter) both go to bed at 6.30pm and are asleep by 7pm.
  Ugh, I just find this whole post so disturbing. Firstly, a 2 yo is MEANT to be dependent on you. Because they are still babies. If they weren't dependent on you they would die. It's developmentally appropriate. Secondly, I think it's important to have consistency at bedtime so just deciding to put her in her crib because you feel like having sex is going to be incredibly unsettling for her. Thirdly, I would be surprised if ANY parent would feel like having sex with...
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