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I find the best thing is to not have such a rigid schedule because with young kids it's too hard to stick to. The best way I have found is to have more of a routine. So instead of having times listed for things it's easier to have a "flow" so for example, after breakfast you tidy up, after you tidy up is play time without being locked in to time limits. The only things I've always been rigid about times with are dinner time, bath time and bedtime and, now that the kids...
How old are they? My policy has always been to say "This is your time with Daddy. Daddy loves you and misses you and wants to be able to spend time with you too". My kids are 7yo and 4yo however and if they were older teens my advice would probably be different.
What sort of weather are you talking about? When I played winter sports I'd just wear two layers on top plus the long woolen socks with a jumper or jacket on before the game. You usually get pretty hot running around. I played in rain and mud and frost but never snow.
Can you just pull the blinds up so he can't reach them?
I voted unhappy. I've been a SAHM for 7 years now and I find it really unfulfilling. My youngest is almost 5 yo and I am going back to school next year. I am really looking forward to having something in my life that is not my kids and housecleaning. 
No, it's not normal to have those kind of fears regularly. I would go see a doctor and discuss anxiety with him.
How about just listening to her? She sounds like she just wants to talk to you and tell you wants going on in her life and you don't want to listen because it's negative. If you keep shutting her down now she will give up trying to talk to you and when she's in the middle of the teenage years and needs to talk to you the most she won't feel comfortable with it any more. Have you actually tried doing the things that she said she needed from you in regards to your...
I personally think it's irresponsible to spend money on organic and free range meats, fruits and vegetables when your children are going without things they need. It's not your problem to help them. If they were doing everything they could to make ends meet, then sure, help as much as you can but choosing expensive food over necessities? Not your problem. And I say this as someone who is living in poverty.
I would try the mattress on your floor and see how she takes to that. When my bed got to small for three of us I moved DS1 bed into my bedroom and he slept there while I slept with DS2. He seemed happy enough if he was in the same room as me.
I would probably try and get them to make it through the day without a nap and then get them to bed super early that night.   My 7yo and 4yo both go to bed at 6.30pm and are asleep by 7pm then sleep through until about 6am.
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