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I would pick the family friends. I would want my kids to be with the best fit for them, with someone who would raise them how I would.   Personally I wouldn't have even discussed it with SIL. The guardianship of my kids is not something I need to discuss with anyone except the people that I would like to care for them.
Oh my lord, she sounds like my ex's girlfriend (though she didn't break up our marriage). She is childless and has known my boys for just over a year of weekends and somehow thinks she's a better Mother than me. I spend a lot of time wanting to punch her in the face.
With my kids I'd always just say "say bye Sam and Sally, see you tomorrow!". I don't think it's harmful for your daughter to learn that it's polite to say goodbye when you leave. Also, I never forced my boys to say it, sometimes they would just wave.   At 6yo now my DS says bye and thanks for having us or thanks for coming when saying goodbye to friends, without any prompting.    
I would keep my mouth shut and let ex tell them. He wants to be the one that tells them and honestly I wouldn't want to be the messenger that gets shot.
Having read a few of the replies in the link you posted, I just feel sad for those Mum's. They are obviously overwhelmed and need more help and support from more than just their partners.   I'm a single SAHM. There are days (like the last few days because I've put my back out and I don't have a partner here to help) that I hate my life but I have learnt that the kids don't need to be the centre of my universe. I have other interests, I have friends, I do stuff I...
It sounds like way more is going on with her than just handwriting. I would try and get to the bottom of the problem rather than just  focussing on that.
  Right here.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you're feeling! You're a Mum but you're also a person, being a Mum doesn't mean you have to stop doing things for you as a person. Sure, you don't have the freedom to just drop everything and head out for brunch or dinner but you can *organise* time to do that! There is nothing wrong with organising a date with your girlfriends, get SO to watch your DS and go out for dinner and a movie with your girlfriends. Use naptimes to...
And also America was not the only country in the world that sent aid in the situations you listed. If you did some research you would find countries all over the world sent aid and helped. Your ignorance really is quite astounding.  
I would consider myself a SAHM. Does it really matter though?
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