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Hello mamas! I haven't posted here in ages so I thought I should fix that We have a tummy bug working it's way through our family. Poor Nate has suffered the worst so far and we had to go to ER today because Tasha took quite a tumble. She is fine, but having to get a head xray sucked! Man, I am so ready for a new day tomorrow. I'd love to get together for a mama meetup. Perhaps summer weather will return so that we can find a nice patio as a meeting place.
Hi everyone! After readimg all the posts anout canning I'm delurking to offer up about a dozen small canning jars free to the first person willing to come and pick them up. PM me if you are interested otherwise I'll put them up on free cycle.
. I'm not quite there yet but it seems like DD is almost ready to drop down to one nap and DS really needs two naps. I've been taking them out in the stroller but on longer walks DD protests after a while and wakes up DS. I'm sure that there are some mamas that have BTDT.
I started leaving the babies with my mom early on so that I could to go the chiropractor to deal with a separated pubic bone. My mom has been a total life saver! She still comes over regularly to help out and once a month both of my parents come over so that I can get out with other MOMs in my area or DH and I will have a quick meal. I really struggled in the early months because I knew that I was getting hyper focused on the babies and neglecting myself and DH. Then I...
Congratulations! Have a great babymoon!
Congratulations! Have a great babymoon!
Valkyrina and Mumm ITA that it would be easier to bring one babe. In fact DH and I try to plan days where we each get a babe and have some one on one time. Now I just need to find out if we are allowed to bring both babies to the wedding itself or if we will be "busy" that day.
It was the mother of the bride that made the comment. I think that she is worried that the babies will upstage the bride-to-be, but I'm not sure. I've RSVP'd that I won't be going. I'm glad to see that im not the only one that thinks the comment was rude. DH said that it was unintentional, but I still won't go.
I've been invited to a bridal shower for DH's second cousin, not someone that I really know. I asked if I could bring the babies and I was told that they would rather that I didn't. OK, no problem, I understand. Then I was told that maybe it would be better if I left DS home with DH and just brought DD because "that way you can have a break, plus you know how boys are"!?! I was taken aback and said that I'd have to see if I was able to make it and let her know. I was...
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