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That site is great - thank you!!!
My doc said don't worry too much about poop color, absent any other symptoms. Good luck! Has anyone else found good baby sunglasses or rashguard style swim suits? I found a great sunhat for Lillian today but still looking for the other things.
Justjenny, she didn't show signs of wanting to roll before she did it! In fact I was talking to my mom about how I thought she'd be a late roller because she rarely gets floor tummy time (the dr says that's fine since she's on me so much, that counts and will get her to strengthen her core and neck). I put her on her tummy to show my mom And then she rolled over! She's just done it a few times since. She also loves to sit up and stand up too. I'm nervous because I'm...
Lv, that's a big milestone! Yay! And faith, hooray for sleep! I'm still having a hard time getting Lillian to nap or sleep independently. She started in her bassinet last night and lasted 30 minutes, that's better than before!! But she is a great sleeper - 2 hr naps on the moby or ergo multiple times a day, and the last few nights she's done a 6 hour stretch at night in bed with me and dh is even enjoying having her in bed with us. Dh is gone a lot for work lately but...
I think the problem is I had been nursing her in the bed then transferring her wakes her. I've started nursing in a chair and putting her in crib or bassinet but she only stays asleep for 15min it so... Instead on 1-2 hrs on me. Sigh.
Malinosmama I am so happy for your success. A woman in my baby class had such success with a craniosacral therapist too. I used this pattern, http://www.woolentravels.com/shop/icelaska-vest. I made the 3mo size and L is 12-13 lbs, in size 3mo clothes. I love it because it has a shawl collar which keeps her little neck warm but it doesn't bunch under her chin in a carrier. Here's a picture!
That sounds so sweet. I also got a mirena, last week. Feeling mixed about it because we have infertility issues but I don't want to rob Lillian of her babyhood or have two very littles... Here's Lillian in a vest I made her And having some playtime I love her so much but today for the first time I was wistfully remembering what it was like to just binge watch tv shows.... I only watch three shows and I'm weeks behind on all of them.
cwill, we talked in my baby class about two things, one is that PPD can start any time in the first year, and also that the Mirena can worsen symptoms of PPD or cause them if you didn't have them.  I am sorry you are experiencing those feelings though :(    Lillian has been so much fussier the last week too. She's awake a lot more and seems to have a lot more needs that I can't figure out, right at the time when she's starting to be much more alert and aware, so sleeping...
Lv that is exciting! I'm ready to have Lillian sleep on her own, for at least part of the night, but don't know how to make it happen. Any advice??
The first day I could leave Lillian asleep on the bed alone I was so excited! I unloaded the dishwasher, folded laundry, made bread, all while checking in her every few minutes because I was worried about her rolling?? But it was so nice. It's happened a few times since!
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