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Oh no, vtamanda. Dh has UHC too while I have premera. It is about $200 cheaper to put baby on his plan versus mine but I dread dealing with them!
Ugh, taxes.  We don't get most of our forms until late in January, and some by March 31st (I guess there's a different deadline for some things) so it's always a last minute scramble around here. Bah.   I am about to dig out the sewing machine to finally sew the cover for the new bassinet pad. Think I'm going to shower first though, I'm feeling chilly and that will help me warm up. 
That's a great story, Jenny!   No labor for me - definitely just practice! Due date is the 26th...
Oh, jenny, I am so excited!! I just had two contractions. Hoping that's it for awhile, I am not ready!!
I just had two very intense contractions. Hoping that's it for now, I'm not ready!!!
Still no Braxton Hicks or anything for me, except for some pressure/pain(?) weird feelings at least that I think are my cervix occasionally.  I think baby is still pretty high up.  I have an OB appt tomorrow at 37w4d, can't decide if I want to be checked or not.  At this point I have no reason to think there will be any progress but you never know.   Starting to feel stressed out about wrapping things up at work!   Had my baby shower at work today too and it was so...
I have my next OB appt Thursday, I will be 37+4.  Debating whether to decline the exam or not. On the one hand if there is progress, it might be reassuring, but if there isn't (and I have no reason to think there is!) then I think it will just be discouraging.    I am not really that ready for the baby to come - although DH is getting antsy and wanting to meet her.   We finally interviewed my subs today and have two good possibilities; unfortunately they can't start...
LV, is it time for a growth spurt?? Maybe they are just a little extra hungry?   I am so tired today.  :(
Faith, yay dissertation!! PARTY TIME!!!!!!   JustJenny, good luck!    Today I went back to work after 2 weeks off - it went better than I had feared. I even made it to the fabulous candlelit/relaxing yoga class this evening. Now it's off to shower & bed with me. I have NOT been sleeping well :(
Thanks, I will ask about into placenta management. I kind of figure they will do whatever they need, but it's a good idea to talk to my doctor about that on Thursday!   There is no nursery, and if they have to take her to the NICU then bottles/pacis are the least of my worries! Unless she is sick she won't leave my room. This hospital is known for their amazing breastfeeding support so I didn't want to put too much in about that so I don't have to then say "oh yes really...
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