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Quote: Originally Posted by holidaymama I actually have a bachelors of science in education, but am very possibly going to start my RN this fall...the associates...will I then pretty much have a BSN? No. You'll have a BS and an ADN. You'll be an RN just the same as a BSN would be but it's not the same as a BSN. It will be helpful that you already have a bachelors but it doesn't add up to be a BSN. I am in kind of the same boat, only I have a...
I have NEVER seen the lolbabies! This is great!!!!!!! What a great addition to my lolcats nerdery.
I am starting an RN program in the fall. This is what I've learned in my YEARS LONG journey to get to this point: - a lot of places are phasing out LPNs. The job security just isn't there like it used to be. - some people were going through LPN programs at my school and then would go through the LPN to RN program. In the past year or so they've been closing the application periods for LPN to RN because they have such an overflow from past applicants. (that program...
I wasn't asking about diamonds, I was asking to see pictures of moissanite, and now I have mine and it's beautiful. I don't do diamonds. I like knowing that the people responsible for getting my jewelry to me lived and have their arms, legs, and tongues.
it's pretty blingy! :
My BF proposed to me on Wednesday. : I have a beautiful moissanite engagement ring that is full of fire and has been literally dropping jaws.
Quote: Originally Posted by Katie Bugs Mama Does anyone else remember Prell -- the green shampoo in a tube? I used to think that that was the coolest stuff EVER. My dad was going crazy a few years ago because he missed Prell and wanted some green shampoo! My mom bought him Suave or something and yeah, it was green, but it didn't quite hit the spot! haha He used Prell as a kid in the 50s. To whomever mentioned cream rinse -- I forgot about...
I just noticed the credits thing and I have zero. Aren't I supposed to have 3?
I found a hypnosis center in my area that appears to be professional/legit, as well as a licensed or certified or whatever hypnotist about 45 minutes from where I live. It's hard to wade through the BS on the internet with all the scammers trying to sell you $100 hypnosis DVD sets. Have you or anyone you know tried hypnosis for weight loss? Was it a success or not? What kind of price range was it in?
Brilliant Earth is great....but buying a Canadian diamond is still buying a diamond and supporting the industry. Not to mention the environmental impact. I have moissanite and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
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