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My mom is an RN an had an epi. She REFUSED to allow the nurse to give her a Foley because of the dangerous risk of infection, so they gave her a time limit by which she needed to be able to void her bladder after giving birth. (since she couldn't feel anything, she wouldn't know if her bladder was super full and painful or not) She wasn't able to void so she had them straight cath her -- just a quick in and out. By the time she was ready to pee again she was able to use...
Cincinnati Children's Hospital is ranked 5th in the country and Nationwide Children's in Columbus, OH is ranked 6th. I don't know much about Cincy but the cost of living in and around Columbus is very reasonable and the hospital is centrally located. Rainbow Babies and Children's is also excellent (Cleveland), it's ranked in the top 10 as well. http://www.parents.com/parents/story...5872619302.xml
It seems like for awhile there were tons of spider threads going on. Warning: spider -- though not too freaky http://www.campusblender.com/photos/fullsize/267762.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Perhaps...some people are just prone to fear of disease? You can't have it both ways. You can't say "my grandparents lived in fear of disease because they lived in slums, sewage and plumbing and nutrition are the factors that prevent disease" and flip around and say "your grandparents who lived with good sewage and plumbing and kept good diets were just hypochondriacs." That being said, THE CASE AT HAND WITH...
I worked at a Dairy Queen in HS and we were taught to make butter pecan sundaes w/ caramel instead of butterscotch. It infuriated me because it was so stupid. The caramel came in a pump and we had to dole out the butterscotch w/ a ladle, so we were told to use caramel b/c it wasn't so messy. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Now I want some butterscotch.
Depends on the type of alcoholic. Some people in my family have had great luck with AA.
Sound like it either wasn't in properly or is too big.
Our VS stores carry everything that a VS could possible carry. I'm in Columbus by Easton (a mall). Les Wexner owns the mall and Limited Brands. That mall has 2 VS stores (including the very first one when VS went all glam/naughty a couple years ago), plus a VS Sport store, and 3 Bath and Body Works stores. Plus the other usual suspects.
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