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One of my favorite memories from working at Gymboree was when a very excited dad came in with a bouncy toddler looking for an outfit to bring his new premie son in since they just found out he could FINALLY go home the next day. I found them a complete outfit from layette that was on deep clearance. (those knit caps eventually get marked down to 99 cents!) I felt like I was allowed to take part in a private family event. The excitement and relief on the dad's face was...
I handle abx just fine but I was on that metro for a BV case over a year ago and it knocked me on my butt! I felt so sick to my stomach and I had tons of gas and cramping.
n/p! Quote: I bother in order to track the course of the illness. Smart move, I agree.
Where can you buy those? The woman I work for has been looking for them for her baby with eczema and can't find them ANYWHERE. They are AWESOME but she usually doubles up with mitts.
If scratching is a problem I would just use socks. If you decide the little mitts are something that your baby needs then you can get them later.
Is she active enough during the day?
According to a chart on that site, Ohio midwives are "not legally regulated, but not prohibited". It said below that chart: "Note: Midwives practicing in unregulated states have no legal, regulatory protection.". : I don't even know where to start in regards to digging out info that is applicable to me. I'm a highly intelligent person but because this isn't mainstream I haven't even the foggiest idea where to start and I don't know anyone I could consult with IRL. Oh,...
I learned in a Slavic folklore class that being born in the caul meant that the baby would have a good life with everything coming easily to the child.......but the baby would become a vampire after death. :
I would recommend LOTS of Eucerin or a prescription cream called Mimyx. It "mimics" the skin's outer layer or something. It has no steroids and is basically just an intensive lotion like Eucerin except not as thick. Use them together. ETA: Also, if it touches your child, make sure it's 100% cotton. Clothes, bedding, towels, etc. (disposables don't generally affect eczema to my knowledge) Also try daily baths if you're not already. I know a baby who was switched to...
I used to work at Gymboree and if it was not for that (because they have a layette line) I would probably go my whole life without knowing what layette is. To the best of my knowledge, layette and sleepers are the same thing but from the definitions I just looked up to be sure (ha) layette also covers stuff like sheets, bibs, etc. Who knows. Just know that sleepers and layette are interchangable.
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