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Hey! I am not on MDC so often anymore, but found a great group of mamas on here that has grown into pretty big and awesome group of parents and kids. I will post the next time all of us get together. Welcome to Junction!
I love the story book idea, mamaupupup! Last year I did something that seemed pretty popular. I went through my moms old boxes of pictures from the last 30 years and picked out a bunch and put them into envelopes with things like "best hair" "best school picture" etc. written on them. I put a pic of each person in each envelope and we all looked at them and picked the "winner." It was hilarious sitting around the tree making fun of eachothers huge 80's fros and mullets...
Hey! I am writing a last minute presentation on natural birth and am having a hard time finding my statistics. Please share your concise information against interventions in birth. Thank you¡  
 Hey mamas! I have a question regarding credit scores and was wondering if anyone can help me out it with it. So I've never had a credit card and have never wanted one for many reasons. I've done just fine saving up for things I need/want and never needed a line of credit. Well I am looking into buying a house and so last month talked to a mortgage counselor about establishing credit and was told to open up three credit cards and begin charging them with little...
I think that the situation is totally possible and realistic. In fact, pick me, pick me! Haha I am a single mother of two sweet little ones in Colorado and have been looking all over for a situation like this. I would love to live closer to nature and would love to have some adult companionship, without jumping into a relationship with a farm owner haha! Are you sure you don't want to move to Colorado? Best state in the country ;D
You mamas have got to check out Chris Pureka. She is just amazing. I love "Burning Bridges," it's especially fitting for cheaters. But " 3 am" "Driving North" and my favorite for when you're just PISSED regardless of what that awful person did to you :D is "Cynical".   Here's a link to some of her music... http://www.ilike.com/artist/search?artist_qp=chris+pureka&x=0&y=0   Some other random songs I'd always listen to are:   Swing life away- Rise...
Thanks for the response.   I have not yet cut out any foods from my diet, but it seems that dairy is the place to start. I will admit, I eat tons of it. Yogurt, ice cream, milk, etc. are very much so a regular part of my day. Any good recommendations on substitutes?  
My son (1 on April 4th) has been having mild issues since birth and I'm just wondering if they could all be connected and pin-pointed to something. Here's a list of my concerns:   (sorry for all of the poop descriptions in advance!)   -When he was a newborn he had the strangest poops. My midwife had said she had never seen anything like it.... the color was bright yellow and they were stringy. Kind of like cooked pumpkin? Never the mustard seed poops. -He's...
I've always been a fan of our king-size mattress directly on the floor. No rails or anything. Once baby is mobile, just be sure that the room is baby-proofed at all times so they are free to explore once they figure out how to get off of the bed. 
Wow, thank you for the advice, everyone! Now to find $$ for an electrician :(
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