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I've been avoiding this thread... Haha. I spent he first three months filled with "misgivings" or worries. Fairly intensely burdened by it. How would this effect my very needy 3 yo that I am still trying to bond/attach with? Will she resent the baby? How will I keep her safe, homeschool everyone else, take a shower, keep our house from being a hovel and in it keep personally sane. How would I be enough? I don't know when it switched but I realized it wasn't all up to...
Chels - Wow... Love Maisie! That is so lovely.   MM - Love your choices too... very masculine and strong.   Fun stuff.  I am really stuck on Solomon for a boy, but my dh is sort of non-committal about it... I like all the others, but still like Solomon a bit better... Hurmph!
I've gained 10 lbs too... 
Thanks for posting this Daisy! Can't wait to try it out!
Any new inspirations? You all are surprisingly quiet about names...   I thought of a few more I like.... River (for boy or girl), Augustine (Au-GUS-tin), Haddon, Ira and Obed...  Still very little idea on what we'd finalize for a boy, but we pretty much have our girl name chosen!!! It will just depend what she looks like!   Here are my kid's ideas about what the baby should be named. 
Daisy - Thanks for the tip! I make my own shea/cocoa/coconut oil mix with almond oil... I will definitely make up some with avocado oil... just for me. It usually all gets used up on my kids skin and hair!
Oh my! He is so sweet! Such a cutie! Thanks for letting us know his heart is in good shape... I've been praying for it. Hugs!
I am soooo itchy! I am slathering on creams but nothing helps!!!!
Oh wow! So sweet motivatedmama!
So yesterday my 3 yo cut off literally 1/4 of the new braid locs (like mini tiny little dread locs) that I had JUST installed about 4 weeks ago.... I literally just sat and cried... like sobbed... for about 45 minutes. While I am "emotional" crying isn't really common for me... maybe tearing up... It was insane. SO sad. It would be like a little girl with straighter hair taking a whole pig tail and cutting it off! Some are down to the base of her scalp, but most were cut...
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