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Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan You might use a comb to make sure scissors don't get anywhere near your skin if you're nervous. This. I know from recent experience how easy it is to take a chunk out of your skin if you're not careful...
I'm going to start the beginners' class next Tuesday! Has anyone else studied there? http://www.7starwomenskungfu.org/
Welcome! We're north of the city, in Snohomish County, but I'm in the city all the time to work, and our church is down that way as well. If you'd like to meet for coffee or something sometime, I'd love to meet another MDC mama!
Quote: Originally Posted by oaknut I need some help. My dh has basically been offered a fulltime job that is salary but still not tons. I am homeschool mom of 3 boys. We have lived on islands before. Even Orkney Island off the coast of Scotland. So we are cool with island life. But my big concern is finding a place to rent. Our needs are simple. We have lived in funky off the grid homes before and really liked it. As far as I can see there is nothing...
Last week at our community group meeting, a hubby was there without his wife & baby, who were home with swine flu. They're the only local people we know who've had it so far, though.
You're so cute - I bet your positive attitude is so overwhelming that no one gives a second thought to whether or not your jeans are "mom jeans"!
I like it, and I prefer the French spelling.
I'd try some kind of astringent, or even Visine on them if they are still red the day of the session. And dress her in green or blue, because that will counteract the redness. Depending on how big and red they are, mosquito bites can be tough to Photoshop, so if they are still really huge and horrible, you might want to consider rescheduling your session. But, I think you'll probably be okay, since you still have a few days!
It's that way at my DD's school. She's in a 2/3 split class, and they have a morning snack before lunch, which doesn't make any sense to me to begin with, because they start school at 8:45 and have lunch at about 11:30. At home, she can manage to 3 hours without needing a snack in the middle... But, they also request that we only send healthy snacks (and are specific about no candy, no cookies, etc. - I think they've even frowned on granola bars...) but more often than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Lo Thanks so much Mamas DH called me a little bit ago and apologized. He said that he knows it's wrong and he needs help with it. He has a very high sex drive and doesn't know how to control it when we're not having sex as often as he'd like. I know this is an area that we both need help with, we have been very slothful christians lately, and I don't think that either of us have ever really learned what our roles are...
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