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I love it!!  
I'm sorry, I have to withdraw.  Life is too crazy right now.  
If I join, am I throwing the numbers off?  I like doing things with a group.  
This thread has some great tips for generating less cooking mess, both the OP and post #29:   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/783142/great-ideas-on-keeping-a-kitchen-tidy
We do our best to celebrate the whole season rather than having a huge overblown giftstravaganza on the one day.     We try to do one little thing for each day of Advent.  So, we might read a winter story or bake cookies or drink hot chocolate or drive around and look at lights.  I try to balance out the big events with quieter, at-home activities.   St. Nicholas visits and brings a small treat that fits in their shoes.   The girls exchange gifts (always a...
  Love it!
In Canada: www.maplerose.ca
A quick hello!  We are new to homeschooling this year.  My eldest DD is in her second year of Waldorf kindergarten, and I also have a preschooler and a baby helping us out.     
Finish Cowichan sweater for DH Finish Tea Leaves sweater for me Thorpe hat for A Acorns sweater for me Thrummed mittens for A Thrummed mittens for L Finish longies for DF's daughter Finish scrappy longies Blue corduroy dress for A Red pants for A Repurpose blue and white men's shirt into something for the girls Make birthday crown for A Make beanbags for girls Make gift bags from scrap fabric Finish hats for baby Felted soaps Make...
Well, I'm glad you posted!  I totally stocked up for next winter after I saw your link.  Glorious woolly children... 
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