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  I hope you're a troll, because otherwise my sense of rage and indignation might keep me up all night.   I can guarantee you that I put more determination and discipline into my breastfeeding relationship than you have, and still have had supply issues with both babies. People who have low supply have MORE discipline and determination than other women, not less. It's your kind of lactivism which makes me want to give up the fight entirely if I have a third baby and...
Wow, I thought we, as a society, had moved beyond blaming the mother for her child's autism.   Do you have a child with autism, OP?   I do.    And it is almost certainly genetic. I did not cause his autism by the ultrasounds I had during pregnancy, the drugs I used during pregnancy and birth, the food I ate and fed him, my breastfeeding relationship with him, or the vaccines I provided him with.  
My 4yo just weaned from bottles of the eve of his 4th birthday. It was undoubtedly parent-led weaning, but we'd been talking to him about it for about 6 months and whilst initial discussions were met with anger, he was quite accepting of it by the end, and the actual weaning was completely non-eventful. He drank his last evening bottle, and the next night said "I'm a big boy now, no more bottles" and that was that.
I'm a bit late to this thread ;) but our family Easter tradition is new Winter PJ's (we live in the Southern hemisphere and the weather starts to get cool around Easter time). We also a small amount of chocolate too.
Happy Birthday Em
I leave my almost-4yr old alone in the tub, although he is a total chatterbox and never stops talking. If there is silence, I immediately check that everything is OK. I'm lucky that our bathroom comes directly off the kitchen, so I can bathe DS and cook dinner at the same time - I can see him at all times, and he's only a few feet away if something happens. I thought it was a strange architectural choice at first, but it's really handy.
My GP made the referral to a private OB for our initial investigations, then we were referred to Queensland Fertility Group for IVF.  The IUI baby was a surprise in the middle of IVF treatments.  
Hi and welcome!   I'm from Australia too, NSW, and have 2 kidlets. One was the result of intra-uterine insemination, and one from IVF.   Hope you enjoy reading all the forums on Mothering.
Subbing. I missed the last 2 years but did the year before and had lots of amazing manifestations of things I'd written on my Treasure Map. I'm looking forwards to doing it again in 2011.   What date/time would it be for Sydney Australia?
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