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Yep, that's what I do! And then I got an offer from our local newspaper to DELIVER to us on Sundays for 99 cents. I was ALL OVER that! So I get 2 papers every Sunday, and more than make up my subscription costs by couponing. hotcouponworld and afullcup are both great sites for couponers to share their wisdom. I highly recommend both. 
Yep - I start clinicals in the fall, and my OB/peds rotation will be in two more semesters. I WILL NOT participate in circumcision. I just won't. I want to be an RN, but I know that I won't work in L&D, OB, or neonatal care because I don't want to have any part of circumcision. Thinking about assisting in such a barbaric "procedure" makes me ill, angry, and so, so sad. I'm praying that no one asks me to participate while I'm in school. That has the potential of getting...
I have four sons (11, 8, 5, and about 4 months). The oldest is circ'd, the younger 3 are not. They've never noticed. It's never, not once, come up. And with the latest baby - they've seen me change about a zillion diapers, and no one has brought anything up. It is a complete and total non-issue. It's just like having different color hair or eyes - we're all different. It's not even something that's on their radar. 
Indiana. All of the grads from the March class of 2011 at my school have jobs. And they've got ASNs. I hope that holds true for when I graduate!    Right now, I'm gearing up to start clinicals this fall - that means two years until graduation. The vaxes and background checks and drug tests and CPR classes and supply-buying are A LOT to keep track of!   
I have a foreskin friendly ped urologist at Riley, and a forekin friendly ped on the southside, but I know little about the northside, Wish I could help! 
Good! Glad to hear you got the deferment!   And I just got my letter of acceptance to the School of Nursing. Yikes! I start clinicals this fall. Anyone done clinicals with a nursling at home? I'm worried about having time to pump.
Glad to help! 
Yeah, it really is that broad. If you've had anatomy & chemistry you'll do great, though. I hadn't yet taken chem and still managed to do well by studying the study guide. I also took a couple of practices in the study guide, then studied what I was weak on by using a chem textbook that I checked out from the library.
You'd have to purchase it from their website. IIRC, they offer a package of 2 online tests that you can take twice each.    Edited to add: It's not just the content of the online tests that help, but taking them from ATI helps you get used to the format of the actual TEAS. It helped me manage my time during the actual test much better, because I knew what to expect (to an extent.) I got a 92.7 on the TEAS V. 
Ishereal, I found the practice tests from ATI (the one you can take online) VERY helpful. There's a lot of chemistry on the TEAS V. Good luck!
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