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Get a second opinion. Since it has been a few weeks, they might suggest letting what will heal do its thing. Later the parts that have healed open would be debraded (while fully numbed the partially heal bit are scraped off) and the fresh wounds are stitched together. But first off, get a second opinion!
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenkids A+!!!! aaaahhhhhh hah!
Using the words "birth center" in certian areas is very tricky legally. Could be one more reason your midwife wanted to use less regulated language. Maybe along the lines of, "I just happen to give birth at a place with a nice comfy bedroom and a real door" sort of thing.
I bend the hose over itself before unscrewing, otherwise I end up losing water.
I've been told that the light that comes through our modern windows is too filtered to be useful. Thoughts?
I'll pm you!
Are neonates producing enough bile salts to utilize the Vit K1? http://www.fda.gov/medwatch/SAFETY/2...ephyton_PI.pdf Add: So there is plain ole' cholate in colostrum, but I can't find how much and if that affects the absorption.
More than a bag of clothes, it is sooo helpful to have food if you end up in the hospital. Luna bars, water, juice, nuts. All things that can hang out in a small bag unharmed. Some places will feed mom but won't bring a tray for anyone else. If your labor was long and your partner wasn't encouraged to eat at home, they are going to need to eat. Sucks to split up families because the partner has to trapse down to the cafeteria. If you wear glasses/contacts have your...
Quote: Originally Posted by pamamidwife Daintyfrump, I'd highly recommend the Palm Model BP cuff - especially if you're the type to take the gauge off the cuff. Having the inflation bulb and the gauge in one hand makes a BIG difference to me - plus you can do BP in any position. Inflating the palm style that has a metal bill on the side is uncomfortable for me. I do like a friend of mine's that has a squarish bulb and a trigger to release...
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