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Can you expand on this more?  Because I have actually said that to explain myths, that cultures developed myths in part to explain things they didn't understand.  Is there more to it than that?  (I am really asking because I want to know, not being contrary).    
That sounds really wonderful.  Yes, I do think you are lucky!  I am looking into some coop options so hopefully something will work out there.  Thanks!
Wow, high school at 12??  Tell me about the school, because that sounds like something on the alternative end.  If we had anything closely resembling an alternative, I might feel differently.  But here, for his age, we have public school and that is it.  Public school, teaching to the SOLs, too many kids in a classroom, reward systems for reading books and behaving nicely in class, etc.  So much of what you say above sounds like my son, and he would always seems to need...
This was a great thread to read.  I could totally relate to you OP a few years back, especially with my oldest child.  He was like "if you give a mouse a cookie".  One thing led to another, to another, to another.  And it was awesome, but some days tired me out!  Looking back now, he was so little, and I think that if we can hold on to that fact that they grow so fast, and this little kid stage is so short and so precious, it helps a little bit.  I can look back now, and...
  Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story!!   Great idea!!!  we love Google maps too, but I would have never though you could see graffiti on street view!!
Loved reading this!  Thanks for sharing!  This is how I hope my kids feel later looking back on their childhood of having been homeschooled.  I hope they have a different college experience, but I think maybe I'm naive too.
I am really feeling torn here.  I've been sensing this coming for a long time.  My 12 year old has been learning without school, following his own lead, from the beginning.  There have been times when we did some structured academic stuff, but always at his own asking and with his full cooperation.  He has taken a lot of classes that he has enjoyed and loved, but it's always been his own choosing, on things that he was currently interested in.   For the past, I would...
I just found out that Lifekind has a sale going on just until Friday.  I am going to look into because we need mattresses too.
I love that bed!  I am actually thinking we will get that bed for my 7 year old for sure.  He wants a bunk bed, but I like that it's a bit lower but could still be a hideout/fort/whatever underneath!   I have only looked at this online.  Do you think this bed will work for your 10 yr old as he grows?  I guess it looked a bit more like a little kid's bed to me.  My older son is already 5' 3" and growing rapidly, so I was thinking maybe I needed to get him something...
So did you find anything out?  We are currently in search of new mattresses for our kids and I am trying to research the issue and not having a lot of luck.
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