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yeah i am trying to teach him to use his words more, but man seeing a 2 yr old try to beat up a 30 yr old man for touching him is pretty funny.   but i do tell people all the time, he needs his space please dont touch him, and they usually look at me weird like he is 2yrs old how does he need his space.   thanks for the advice i will be using it with him and keeping him to stop the fighting.
i still have a feeling there is 2 in my belly, and i keep having twin dreams, my 7 week u/s they only saw one, but keep thinking they will see the sec baby at my 20 week u/s
last night i was really sick, and then peeled 2 lemons and added some salt and omg they were soo good, and acually kept me from throwing up.   so today i will be going to the store to buy more lemons, days like this i wish i had a lemon tree.
glad to know i am not the only way still sick.   my obgyn gave me to different kinds of meds to help me with the m/s but my insurance doesnt cover Zofran  and it was 200$ and i was like umm no i will suffer, and the one my insurance does cover it doesnt help at all.   i was on the plus side anyways but with this pregnancy i lost 20 lbs so far cause i am always throwing up, getting bad headaches and then puking again. it is like a never ending battle.   on the...
i am now 13 weeks and still suffering from m/s, i am just really tired of throwing up, and it seems like it will be just like my boys and never go away.   but this pregnancy it is worse, i cant keep anything down, the throught of food makes me ill, i always have horrible headaches to the point they make me vomit, the pain i am in.   i really use to think pregnancy was enjoyable (with my boys i just throw up once everyday for 9 months not that bad) this pregnancy...
i wont find out until end of december, man i totally cant wait to know
my 2 yr old is a very sweet boy, but he doesnt like people touching him unless it is big brother, hubs, me or his uncle. unless he comes to you first. so whenever someone comes to him to touch him or shale his name hand he will acually hit them in the face or were ever close for him to reach, and then tells them leave me alone. now it is funny to watch this little 2yr old fight off adults, he is zero fear, just doesnt like anyone touching him. we have told...
i think you did the right thing
well they were going to do a u/s but since i had one at 7 weeks i didnt see the point in another one, so i asked themt o try to hear the heart beat and if they cant find it then we could do a u/s. well we heard the little heart beat at 160. totally a wounderful sound then the baby moved and we couldnt find it again. doctor went over my weight, and well i lost 20lbs since my last appt, i have been sick throwing up every little thing even water, so she was happy...
well the baby is still getting vitmins from u, later on during pregnancy u wil be bale to enjoy all the lost loves from the 1st tri.
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