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I can't recommend the Justin Case series by Racel Vail highly enough. They are fun, sweet, light, and about a truly endearing third grade boy. He will love them!
Have to add in another vote for Roald Dahl -- James and the Giant Peach is a good one to start with, but my son loved them all.   Also another vote for Justin Case.  Excellent book -- sweet/innocent and funny at once, which is hard to find.  I wish more people knew about it!   Definitely try Nate the Great -- they've got the comic element like Capt Underpants but are geared slightly older.   The Horrid Henry books are pretty funny and easy/short...
Wish I could help -- I'm in the same boat!
I'm on the run and don't have time to share my whole birth story, but I wanted to say that I loved my experience with the Birth Center too, even though I ended up delivering at UNC. My midwife really did end up by my side through the entire birth, and I felt very safe and cared for the whole way through. :
My little guy is a bit older than yours, but we found: What to Do When You Grumble Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Negativity to be helpful. Not a miracle cure or anything, but really quite good. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiOrion Awesome! He is in network (but somehow she is not...weird)! And good timing, too, because I really tweaked my neck this weekend and if it doesn't get better very soon I'm going to be seeking some care. They look so young! They're both in their thirties now, I think, but annoyingly gorgeous! : I hope your neck is feeling much better!
I like Dr. Josh Stevens of Stevens Chiropractic in Durham: http://stevenswellness.com/custom_co...e_doctors.html He and his sister Angelina run the practice. They are both great!
Subbing -- I've had the same experience with not just one front loader, but two (first a whirlpool then a pricey Bosch). I can smell the mold/mildew, and I have to rinse several times too to get the soap out. I've tried using less soap, but then everything comes out dirty and stinky. Yuck! My only advice would be to stay away from front loaders and go back to the good old fashioned top loaders. I'll be looking back to see if anyone recommends any good ones.
That is so weird, I used to have that nightmare too! It still creeps up on me from time to time. For me, it's even more tactile than it is visual, I can feel that something that was supposed to be big or fat or fluffy is small or narrow or stringy, and I could feel it on my fingertips somehow -- it makes no sense, written like that, but when dreaming it's this very real and nightmarish quality, and I've never heard anyone else speak of it or try to describe it before. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carolinamidwife Ooo... thank you! Wait, they won't attempt to personal train me while they clean, will they? Ha! That would be quite a gig to combine the two. "Now one, and wipe! And two, and scrub! And three, now push that mop!"
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