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That is heartwrenching...I would be in complete agony. I am so sorry. I pray that your son will be with you again soon somehow, and that your ex will get prosecuted for this. Isn't there any way to fight this and get them found without moving out of the country? Can't your son give you some clue as to where he is exactly, or does your ex listen to the conversations? Is your son on the missing persons registries/websites? This just makes me sick, I am so sorry.
I have been searching for the same thing for my daughter's birthday...my problem isn't so much the cake part, but the frosting. I have tried a few different vegan frostings and they tasted horrible.
Ok, sorry.
I do not vaccinate my kids, and I am completely comfortable with that. But I was wondering, does anybody know where I can find reliable information about how to treat certain illnesses, such as measles, mumps, pertussis, etc.? The few doctors I have spoken to do not seem to know ANYTHING about treatment. Any tips on where to find this information, whether it's books or something else? THANKS!
Quote by abimommy: I would have been upset. Vaccine issue aside I wouldn't be ok with the sneaking and lying. I am so sorry. Of course we are only getting one side but I wouldn't be ok with being lied to. I was annoyed when my dh went and bought a computer behind my back ("it was on sale" ) I cannot imagine how mad I would be if my dh consented to a medical treatment without my knowledge and then lied to me. What if you decided to get them vaccinated and they...
nm, sorry
Thank you so much for calling. I am so glad that she is going to the doctor and seems to be in her grandma's care more!
Quote: Originally Posted by Penelope Honestly, if you have a pediatrician you trust, I'd call and say that a relative is threatening you with CPS and you'd like to document that your child's rash is normal and is healing appropriately. Ask him/her to take photos to document. Very good advice. Quote: Originally Posted by laralee16 I have not written back, I have not called, and I will not. If they write again I will write...
Quote: Originally Posted by xelakann Has anyone listened to the Joyful Pregnancy track yet? I had to turn it off, it really annoyed me. I know I have to work through it and listen to it, but I didn't find it soothing/affirming... just annoying. I still have my Hypnobirthing affirmations and I really like those so I may alternate... but when I was listening to Joyful Pg I kept looking at the clock thinking I have 25...20...15... more mins of this....
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