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I suggest calling the HB midwives and asking about the insurance. Most of the NYC ones travel to all 5 boroughs.  
HB midwives are available in NYC but as mentioned they book up quickly, especially if you are due in August, since some of the go on vacation during that month. Start calling as soon as you get a positive HPT. I've had two amazing homebirths with Kristen Leonard and highly recommend her. She is truly wonderful.
A dancer or another type of performer.
Any update?
I have a Kindle and love it. I would get one for a nine year-old if he was an avid reader. You can also check out the Nook which allows you to borrow ebooks through your local library (if they have this sort of system in place). Both allow allow you to download directly to the device. No computer needed.
Wow, this thread is old....
We just had a HB in Queens, my midwife said that GHI wouldn't be a problem. She's dealt with them before. I never called to ask if it was covered. She has someone that handles the billing. I just gave her a copy of my insurance card. I don't think she submitted the claim yet, but I'm sure they'll pay. We had no problem with Oxford paying last time either. Neither birth cost me a dime.
Yes. My midwife was the first person we informed of my second preganancy at 11dpo. I adore her and she will always be my first choice.
Same. DD1- 37wks5d DD2- 37wks4d
I start calling as soon as the second line is visible without squinting, lol. But midwives around here get booked up quick.
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