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2500 for our car to get a new engine and various other fixes... but we had enough to get it done and get a rental while ours is being fixed, yay!  We get to go pick her up tomorrow :)  I wasn't sure how bad off she was so I'm just really thankful we could get her all fixed up :)
How is everyone doing?   I finished my 1 credit class with a 94 but I'm still struggling to want to do my classwork.  I think that for Fall i'm going to go to more classes at school (instead of online classes) because I miss that face time.  The one class I have at school I just go in and work on a computer and I've never even talked to my teacher.  I think I need some interaction to help me stay motivated :)
Our eagle has landed too!  I cant wait to fork most of it over to our mechanic so he can do some much needed repairs on our car.  We will be renting a car while ours gets fixed.  We are also getting our Bernese neutered (expensive because he  has an undescended testicle, but needs done badly!)  I'm so thankful that we can do these things now :)    
I hope I can say that tomorrow!  Congrats :)
Our status changed from a generic "On the 14th" to the specific amount to be deposited tomorrow.  I really hope it goes through!  Our return was accepted the 31st.  We got our state today.
      I am a new student, in my second semester.  I have been wanting to go back to school for over ten years but I wasn't able to until now due to having an old student loan.  It was finally paid off a year ago with our income tax and I started back to college in the fall.  I did fairly good in my first semester but I had two classes that I did badly in.  I got two A's, an A-, a B+, a C (in Biology), and a D (in Algebra 2).  I ended up with a 3.04 GPA which is good but I...
Thanks everyone!   I will wait till closer to school to buy and I'll get a laptop :)
Laptop it is :)  Thanks everyone.  I like this one (a bit over my range but I can save up longer) http://www.walmart.com/ip/Lenovo-43972AU/16503249 but I wonder if I should look for something smaller.     I was wondering about the textbooks.  It's been a very long time since I've been to school and I'm not sure how things work anymore.
I'm starting college in the fall!  I'm super excited because it's been a long road getting to this point :)   I want to buy a tablet or a laptop.  I want something I can carry around with me for schoolwork so I'm not stuck sitting at the computer or moving back and forth when I'm working on something.  I'm not sure if I'd be taking it to school with me or not... it's been 12 years since I've been to college!   I used to have a laptop, but we lost it in a flood....
OP:  I'd feel th exact same way that you do.  Just because he hid his cheating well up to this point (ETA I mean hid it well) doesn't make him any less of a cheater.  I'd be hard pressed to stay close to ANYONE I found out was a cheater, no matter who they were or what the reasons.  I don't care what reasons or agreements there might be, cheating is wrong.  
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