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here here - very well said boobybunny!!!!!!!!!
i called and scheduled an appointment with our local police department and they installed my car seat and showed me and my family how to install it correctly. not to mention they went over several safty tips. once you watch someone install it properly, while time consuming, it is fairly easy to do.
I breast fed for the first 3 weeks. i had a very low supply of milk and i began supplementing with a bottle. i wanted nothing more than to breast feed my baby... i was devastated. I went to a lactation specialist and NOTHING worked. So I gave her formula. I was approached by a woman in public and told what an unfit mother I was for feeding my baby formula. I was so ashamed and humiliated. It's not my place to judge another woman for giving her baby a bottle... For...
my daughter has them as well... sounds like it is normal
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