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Hello, We're stuck in a rut. My girls, 8 & 5, will pick up their games/crafts/etc. when asked but I always have to ask/tell. If I'm not right there to remind them to put away game/activity #1, they'll move right on to #2, #3, etc. And then pick up becomes overwhelming and there is a lot of resistance. I don't know how to get us over this hump. It seems like they're both old enough to follow through with picking up. I'm missing something. I would love any ideas...
Okay, I'm officially inspired to declutter (a lot more). I have the same situation as the original poster. I hate to even go there in my head but it is what it is. Thanks for the great posts!
Thanks for all the great suggestions!!!
Hi, Any Chicago mamas want to share their favorite vegetarian/veg-friendly restaurants? My dh and I are going to Chicago for our anniversary and want to eat some really delicious food. Thanks! Shannon
I've made many recipes from that book and the times have been right on. I'm assuming you're doing all the pre-sauteeing and that none of your ingredients are cold going in when I say it must be the cooker.
I talked with my vegan-marshmallow-making friend yesterday and he can't remember which recipe he used. He said it was just a regular marshmallow recipe (I'm going to try this one: marshmallows), he simply substituted agar agar for gelatin. I'm going to try to make some soon. I'll keep you posted!
A friend of mine made marshmallows using agar agar in place of gelatin. He said they turned out great.
Whatever you choose to do, kelp power is the key. If you use chickpeas, it will taste *much* better if you cook the beans from scratch (i.e. don't use mushy canned chickpeas!). Also, pulse them in the food processor. That will give you a nice tuna-y texture.
Quote: Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans Yeah, you know he's just throwing that out there to amuse himself. He also has to maintain his "bad boy" persona.
I've read Kitchen Confidential and I've seen a couple of his Travel shows. He has a way of sucking me in. I just think it's hilarious that Hezbollah Tofu is so in his face. I feel like he's been trash talking veg*ns forever and now the Hezbollah Tofu people are saying "Fine. You want a piece of me (us)?! Bring it on!!!" The blogger(s) very much has a sense of humor about it. I love it. I'm guessing he won't "dignify" the site with a response but it might be that he...
New Posts  All Forums: