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I haven't seen the show, but did they really say "don't base your opinion on Jenny McCarthy" ....but then expect people to base an opinion on their own show? That's so hypocritical that it's funny. Hubby watches this show ...hope he misses this one b/c it will just make him mad, I'm afraid.
Madisonville is a great choice! Lisa Ross Birth Center is about an hour and a half drive from Chattanooga.
Knoxville is nice, and Maryville is beautiful! Definately check that out! Also, if you are looking for a cute lake community near Knoxville, check out Norris. We also have a chapter of Holistic Moms Network in Knoxville, and both Norris and Maryville are plenty close enough to drive.
Where do you go if you live in East TN for a good chiro? Thanks!
I'm in East TN. My answers are below ....and I think it really all depends on what part of TN you are moving to. If you are moving to the mountains, it's not as hot/humid as say the valley/southern sections. Also, the cities are going to be more open (in general) to different religious beliefs than some of the more rural areas. Quote: Originally Posted by honey-lilac We are searching for our forever home. MIL just moved to TN and so we considered...
My son is partially vaxed, and no health issues other than slight eczema. My daughter is not vaccinated and has no health issues at all. I've also heard that about the Amish, and there is tons of conflicting information about it online ...so who knows?
Our school already does this. This is nothing new. Quote: Originally Posted by MyTwoCherries If they are vaccinating for the flu would they use the flu mist also? I'd worry about all of that being in one area - throughout the school at once, even if I had declined my own children to get the shot. Ours does. All of the schools through our area do the mist, and have for a couple of years now. They are doing the H1N1 mist this year too, in the...
That's scary. I didn't know that some hospitals have a policy where they have to report it to social services if a parent refuses to vax her child. Wow.
Here's how I feel about it ... If he gets sick from nature/God, then that is a naturally occuring thing. I did not "cause" it to happen anymore than I "caused" the wind to blow or a tornado to form. If he gets sick from a vaccine, I did cause it to happen. I allowed something to be injected into his body that I knew had the potential for harm. So, I would feel that is more on me. I would feel more guilt about that. Also, what if he got the vaccine and still got...
That's what I'm thinking too. She is all over the place playing tonight. She's not acting sick at all. The rash doesn't appear to be bothering her. I'll keep an eye one it. Thanks for your help!
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