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Hello.  I am looking for support/feedback about this situation.  I am a lesbian mother to two boys (ages 7 and 9).  They attend public school (in Texas) and every year, the principal allows the Boy Scouts to come into school to give a presentation about "how awesome it is to be a boy scout!!".  And for the first two years, my boys came home, begging to join.  They are finally at the age where I can explain why they cannot join, and they do understand. Last week, I finally...
You can buy a chick from the feed store and put it under her one night.  This will make  her happy, and is not cruel.  I have done this four times with my hens, and it's worked every time.
i use 2 x 8's.  go to your hardware store and ask for "plumbers hanging tape'/  It's silver metal tape with holes in it. You use it on the outside corners of your beds to reinforce them.  You just screw screws into the holes, one on each side, and it acts like a tape holding the corners together. This helps prevent the screws from pulling out when the beds are full of soil/  Also, remember the shape of your beds.  don't make a bed wider than four feet.  Four by eight is...
I would check with your city ordinances to be sure chickens are "allowed".
It's bad here, too. We are, like you, watering our Live Oaks on our 3 acres.  The farmers around here are selling their cattle, because they can't afford to feed them. Hay is scarce, and being shipped in from other states.  It is almost double the price, so farmers are figuring out how to ration over the winter.  I am so sick of watering all the time!  We spend 6 hours a week hand watering our 100 bamboo on our acreage.  My fear now is that we'll have a hard freeze and...
does anyone have trouble peeling fresh free ranger eggs?  By the time I am done peeling the shell, there isn't much left, since it sticks to the shells so bad.
You may want to post this in Country Living as well.  There is organic chicken feed available- that has non GMO corn in it.  It's a lot more expensive ($30) a bag, but it will give you peace of mind about their diet.   If your chickens will be free ranging, they don't eat as much "chicken feed" as those who are caged.  They eat lots of green things growing in your yard- weeds, etc.  They don't eat a ton of grass, so don't worry about that. They spend most of their...
I use basically the same recipe as KodyAnn, but I add a jar of salsa, frozen corn, and a bottle of cheap beer.  
pipecleaners and plastic beads-  they can make bracelets for family/friends.  I put them in a large ziploc bag, and they can put their hands all the way inside the bag to work the beads on the pipecleaners, so they don't roll around or fall on the ground.  My kids also love these..... http://www.orbfactory.com/Products/Sticky-Mosaics-R-Singles-Sparkling-Line/Train    
  We flew out of terminal B (Continental Express), and I think everyone went through the scanners- adults and kids. 
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