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I am going to try this today. Recipe sounds great!  
So did your friend figure out who is the father of her child? (I was looking for info on luteal phase and this thread came up.)  
Thanks for the update. I was curious how it turned out. Cars are so necessary yet can be a pain.  
This is really a good news story. Glad it worked out for you.  
  I agree with the bolded part. Don't forget what you have invested in it and it is known in terms of repairs. If there was a drastic difference in price I would consider it but this isn't enough, I don't think.
Wish I could help you but I don't live in the area. Good luck!  
Wow! That is an amazing story. It gave me chills. Congrats! (Sparkling Cider)  
Great news. Hope it works out for you.   
  Yeah I am curious too.
If you travel off season or a last minute trip you can save up to 70%. Using a smaller airport or staying somewhere just outside of a city are other ways to save. I plan far in advance and watch the prices. I always get good deals on vacation trips.  
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