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DDC to send my good thoughts
I definitely do I have one who is exactly what you describe, she and I talk daily pretty much actually. Only one that fits that exact mold but I'm very lucky to have her, and also a couple of other people I know I could count on through anything as well that due to distance/circumstance we don't chat as often.
I too am jealous of the long nap I got downstairs and ended up spending an hour sorting clothes and switching from summer to winter stuff. I got almost all of DS3 and DS2 done and the rest of ours sorted into piles to tackle Now I'm taking a break and nursing the baby
15 minutes done and I got a load of wool longies and shorties and got the stains out of them and now they are soaking in the tub. I also got most of my counter cleaned off (it had become a major hotspot!) Now onto downstairs. I'm not sure what I'll find down there but I will tackle 15 minutes worth.
Back! And I'm clean! Now I'm going to start tackling the bathroom.
Can someone kick me in the pants for motivation today? It's almost 2pm here and I'm still in my pjs! I really need to get cleaning done on my house, but first I need to take 15 minutes to get *me* cleaned up. I'll be back to update with progress!
I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I didn't know where else to put it. Does anyone have suggestions for books to help effectively and constructively manage anger without losing it. I am really struggling lately and could use some help.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedOakMomma Good luck to both of you...October is such a beautiful month to be born! I totally agree!
You definitely don't need it. It's personal preference. FWIW I gave birth to my son at the end of January 2009 and I'm in Ontario and we didn't own a bucket. He went in a True Fit from birth and I don't regret it at all. It really wasn't a big deal (and I too had an older child to get in the car as well, mine was 2.5 when DS2 was born).
I am finally home and able to join this thread! I am going to go nurse the baby and then spend 15 minutes tackling some problem areas.
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