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Tons of ELV are coming your way. I am sending you come out baby thoughts! Keep us posted
That's so awesome Mama!!!! He was exactly the same size as my oldest Enjoy your babymooon
Quote: Originally Posted by AustinMom Maybe while you are waiting for 43 weeks to hit, you can do a GBS test, too. It only takes a couple days to get the results back at most, and you may just go into labor at that point. In the least case, it will confirm/alleviate GBS infection fears if you do end up doing the AROM. I was going to say that too. I did the GBS swab last minute with my last pregnancy on a hunch and it turned out to be very...
I have a Tobias too!!! He was born August 30th (but 4 years ago ) Congratulations Mama and enjoy that sweet baby and your babymoon
Oooo exciting!!! ELV
What a great birth story! Thanks for sharing!!! She's absolutely beautiful. I couldn't see the last picture thought... it appears photobucket removed it
My bare minimum is 3 years old, even for short trips in a secondary vehicle. 4 years for main vehicle. At 4 I am comfortable with their input as well... although I will say that my oldest turned four last Monday and he totally doesn't care rearfacing or forward facing, he never even seems to really notice when it's different There is no max age I wouldn't rearface anymore. If they are happy in the seat (again, only after 4 is this a consideration for me... before...
Congratulations Mama!!! What a wonderful birth story. Thanks for sharing
Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery I'm up, 6 hrs later, still having contractions.../more frequent, like 5ish minutes apart, and had diarrhea as well. Might this be it? I'm actually starting to wonder... Ooooo exciting!!! ELV for you!! C'mon baby
ilovemyavery: I'm glad to hear Mom and baby are doing well. Congratualtions to you all!!! ELV for you as well if this is the start of something. What an awesome labour day weekend! Baby~Braatens~Mama Ugh to your neighbours. That makes me sad
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