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Wow Mama! That's a big boy!!!! Congratulations. Enjoy your babymoon with your new squishy
Congratulations Mama! That sounds fabulous. Enjoy your babymoon with your sweet new baby
Quote: Originally Posted by heatherRN Plus we all co-sleep and I will reek of milk, I can imagine he will want his early morning milk back Yep, we do too Like I said, I'm not holding him to it either way... I am interested to see which way it plays out though. I can't believe I'm here at all in a way... When I was pregnant with him I was committed to nursing until 2 because of the WHO and CPS (Canadian Pediatric Society... I'm Canadian)...
mommy2chloerae: They are awesome! I definitely want to do that.
I'm in! Actually I'm still tandem nursing right now I'll be triandem nursing whenever this child decides to make an appearance. Tandem nursing *definitely* helped with the transition of having a new baby in our house the first time. I'm hoping that it helps again this time. When I had DS2 my oldest was almost 2.5 and he stopped eating foods for almost 3 days when my milk came in. His poop was exactly the same as the baby's... runny and seedy yellow I'm not sure...
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl And I'm convinced Mae is going to be a Christmas baby. One of my best friends DS keeps saying my baby will be here when it snows... I am not amused. He's only 4 and I'm still not amused. I know better than to be annoyed with a 4 year old for something like that but I still am Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery They are proceeding so cautiously, which is awesome! Step-bro's baby...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy2chloerae I got shirts and a onesie to decorate tonight. The kids will make "big sister" and "big brother" shirts and we'll make a "baby brother" onesie for the baby. What a great idea! I'm going to have to steal this I think. I've been looking everywhere for Big Brother tshirts with no luck... Quote: Originally Posted by Just1More Uhm...does anyone NOT want to do this? The pushing part, I...
Congratulations Mama and welcome Faolan!!!
YAY!!! Congratulations Mama. Enjoy your babymoon. I am so glad to hear the birth went so well
Congratulations Mama!! Enjoy your babymoon
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